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Estate of Diego Arias de Quiros Estate ~ 1746

Deed of the royal sale that doña Maria Gomes, widow and resident of said villa, administrator and holder of the property and chattels of don Diego Arias de Quiros and Bernardo se Sena, the other administrator of said deceased, granted in favor of don  Manuel Sans de Garvisu, Lt. of this royal garrison of Santa Fe, of the houses and lands known for the sum of 300 pesos in coined silver that was in hand paid.

Know all who see this letter, that I, doña Maria Gomez Robledo, resident of this villa of Santa Fe, administrator and holder of this goods and chattels of the deceased don Diego Arias de Quiros, who was a resident of this villa and I, Bernardo de Zena, also a resident of the same vicinity and co-administrator of the estate of the said deceased and named in the testament before his death before Antonio Montoya, who was the Alcalde Mayor of said villa on the 7th day of May 1738, jointly that we grant and sell forever to don Manuel Sans Garvisu to Lt. of this royal garrison of New Mexico, for himself, his children, heirs and successors.  A house in this villa contiguous to the tower of the Palace with a piece of cultivated land which will hold two fanegas of wheat seed and also a small garden patch near the tower surrounded by an adobe wall.  The said house has a corridor and hall with a few rooms that are nearly worthless and sold for the sum of 300 pesos in coined silver with the Mexican Seal.  The boundaries of the said house are on the east, with the Cienega of the villa; on the west by the Roybal Palace; north the lands of the Rev. Father Santiago Roybal; and south by the street that runs in front of the Royal Palace.

All agreed, etc.  Signed this 4th of April 1746 and witnesses were:  Miguel Alire, Juan Vigil and Juan Manuel Chirinos, all residents of this villa.

Joachin Codallo y Rabal, rubric; Francisco Ortiz, rubric; Phelipe Jacobo de Unanue, rubric; don Joseph Romo de Vera, rubric.

** Today this is 106 E. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 846, Reel 4, Frames 1537-1539.
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