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Cayetano Torres ~ Will 1780

At this place of San Antonio de Sabinal, on the 25th of April 1780, Calletano Torres died without a will and left property in the possession of his wife and four legitimate children and legal heirs.  The property is in the care of the said widow and the executor don Pablo de Salazar; I, Juan Francisco Baca, Lt. of the Chief Alcalde, by the power given me, did order and appoint the said widow as the guardian of the property.  Signed, Juan Francisco Baca, (rubric) wit/ Jose Francisco Pino and Toribio Garcia Jurado.

I, the Lt of the Chief Alcalde, being at the house of doña Feliciana Ballejos, widow of Calletano Torres, deceased, for the purpose of making the inventory and brought forth the property.

First, his right as a settler in the tract of land of Belen, 600 varas of cultivated land at this place of Sabinal under the main ditch, one adobe house containing four rooms.  Three broken mares, one horse, one horse mule, two oxen, two broken bulls, 127 head of sheep, 109 lambs, two large and six small pigs, one image of Saint Anthony with its niche, one small gun with a cover, one blunderbuss, one old sword, one bridle, one pair of spurs, one old leather jacket, one pair of saddle cushions, one cartridge pocket, one table, bench and chair without arms, one plow and a plow point, two dibbles, one ax, one adze, one cart, one complete loom with two spinning wheels, combs for blankets, two pairs of cards and rollers, and one old saddle with iron stirrups.

On the said day, there was no other property than that mentioned, I suspended this inventory, that the said widow and custodian of the property may receive her appurtenances and that of her two minor children and deliver to the two married ones their property.  I appoint don Toribio Garcia Jurado and don Jose Francisco Pino as appraisers, who swore to discharge their duties as such.  Signed Juan Francisco Baca (rubric), wit/ Toribio Garcia Jurado and Jose Francisco Pino.

His right as a settler valued at 200 pesos.
700 varas of land at one peso per vara = 700 pesos.
The house with four rooms, two doors with locks and two without locks, with 36 varas of land, 300 pesos.
Three mares two at 15 pesos each one at 40 pesos.
One horse at 15 pesos.
One horse mule at 30 pesos.
Two broken bulls at 20 pesos each.
Two oxen at 50 pesos.
127 ewes at two pesos each, 264 pesos.
109 lambs at one peso each, 109 pesos.
Two pigs at six pesos and six small one at three pesos, 30 pesos.
One image of Saint Anthony, 50 pesos.
One gun and cover, 25 pesos.
One blunderbuss, 10.
One sword, 10.
One bridle, 4.
One pair of spurs, 8.
One leather jacket, 20.
One pair of cushions, 4.
One cartridge pocket, 4.
One table, bench and chair without arms, 18.
One plow and an extra point, 10 pesos.
Two dibbles, 10.
One ax and adz, 10.
One cart, 15.
One complete loom, 92 pesos.
One saddle with iron stirrups, 20.

All together the amount is 2,180 pesos.  Signed Juan Francisco Baca (rubric), wit/ Toribio Garcia Jurado and Jose Francisco Pino.

After paying for the funeral expenses and 96 pesos to Juan Nino Ladron de Guevara, resident of El Paso, the remaining is 1,972 pesos.  Half to the wife of 986 and the children receive 986 pesos.

There remain in favor of the heirs, 986 pesos, diving as follows:  Javier Garcia, widower of Juana Maria Torres, 246 pesos and four reales; to Salvador Armijo, husband of Maria Francisca Torres, the same amount.  To Juan Francisco Torres, the same amount.  To Antonia Rita Torres, the same amount.

The partition having been concluded, I certify, acting as stated.
Signed Juan Francisco Baca (rubric), wit/ Toribio Garcia Jurado and Jose Francisco Pino.

There appears due the deceased as follows:  Esmerejildo Montoya, a resident of El Paso, 180 pesos of the land or in goods.  Juan Antonio Garcia owes 8 pesos.  The executor don Pablo Salazar, owes 33 pesos, four reales.  The widow to take charge in collecting the debts.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 997, Reel 5, Frame 884-890.
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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you have done sharing all this wonderful information. Cayetano is one of three son's of Diego Torres that I descend from. This provides proof that Maria Francisca, wife of Salvador Armijo, was the daughter of Cayetano. Nancy Lucía López

    1. Nancy - Cayetano is also my ancestor. His daughter Antonia Rita, who was not quite 6 years old at the time this will was written, was my direct ancestor. She would later marry Buenaventura Silva on May 6, 1789 in Isleta, New Mexico

  2. Other ancestors mentioned in this will: Juan Francisco Baca, Toribio Garcia Jurado, Pablo de Salazar, and of course Cayetano's widow Feliciana Vallejos. Javier Garcia, also known as Francisco Xavier Garcia Jurado, is also my ancestor. He is listed as a widower of Juana Maria Torres. He would later marry Maria Josefa Sanchez - this couple were my ancestors.