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Juana de Anaya Almasan Will 1736

Be it known to those who may see the present will, that I, Juana de Anaya Almasan, legitimate daughter of Sergeant-Major Francisco de Anaya Almasan and of Phelipa de Rojas, both dead; resident of the villa of Santa Fe; being sick of body from an illness.

I declare having been married the first time to Lucan Montaño, for the period of eleven years, during which time we had and reared five children, named: Maria Geronima; Maria Jusepha, married to Manuel Martines; Antonio Urbano; Maria Getrudes; Lucas Tadeo. The second time I married Juan Lorenso de Medina; and during the five years of our married life we had three children: Juan Francisco; Maria Antonia, and Margarita Antonia. The third time I was married to Lucas Miguel Moya; and during the five years of our married life we have reared two sons: Lucas de Jesus and Pedro Antonio, whom, as well as the aforementioned, I declare as legitimate children begotten in wedlock.

I declare it is my will to leave to our Master, and to the Church, one peso, and one “toston” (4 reales) for the souls.

I declare that Pedro Barela owes me one quilt of many colors.

I declare that Marzial Gonzales owes me two pesos.

I declare that Lionisio Rodrigues owes me two pesos.

I declare that Antonio “el de las Mexicanas” owes me one peso.

I declare that I am not indebted to anybody for anything.

I declare as my property the house of my residence, consisting of five rooms, to be divided among the hereinafter named, who are the children who are not married, because to Geronima and Maria Josepha I have already given their share.

I leave for the welfare of my soul the small quilt which Pedro Barela owes me; also one sow, and a pair of bead bracelets. To Maria Geronima I leave one white rosary with a large silver medal, and another larger one of bronze. To Maria Josepha I leave one pair of coral earrings, some amulets and chochos. (Supine seeds, sometimes used in rosaries or as voting balls in churches in Spain).

To Maria Getrudes I leave one yard of scarlet cloth skirts and also one used muffler.

I declare that I leave to my husband, Lucas, my bed. The saints’ pictures shall be divided among my unmarried children.

I declare that I have a tract of land in connection with the house; boundaries of same are described in the deed. This parcel of land I leave to be equally divided among the Getrudes, Urban, and Margarita, which land is in front of the house, with a garden. The parcel of land, which is on the north shall be divided among the two, Lucas de Jesus and Pedro Antonio. The box with the dishes, I leave to Maria Getrudes; the axe and hoe I leave to Urban.

It is my will to leave as my administrators or testamentary executors of what I have declared, in the first place, my son-in-law, Joseph Rodrigues; and in the second place, Lucas Miguel Moya, my husband.

In evidence of truth throughout all time, I requested the Corporal of this company, Juan Felipe de Rivera, to sign for me, because I do not know how to sign. The witnesses who were present were: Juan Manuel Chirinos and Captain Manuel Thenorio de Alba, residents of the villa of Santa Fe.

Executed on November 10th of the year 1736.

At request of Juana de Anaya,
Juan Felipe de Rivera (rubric)
Witnesses: Juan Manuel Chirinos (rubric) and Manuel Thenorio de Alba (rubric).

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1226, Reel 6, Frames 757-760.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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