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Miguel de Dios Sandoval Martinez ~ Will 1755

Know all who shall see this instrument that I, Miguel de Dios Sandobal, legitimate son of Juan de Dios Sandobal and Juana de Hernandes, both deceased and residents and natives of the City of Mexico, finding myself ill in bed and make this my last will and testament.

I ask that my body be shrouded with the Habit of St. Francis and interred in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary of this villa.

I have been married to doña Lucia Gomes, for 58 years and two months and during our marriage we had and reared nine children; I name eight, who are:  Manuela, deceased; Juana, deceased; Melchora; Andres; Antonio; Juan Manuel; Miguel deceased; Phelipe deceased.

I declare that I have as my good ten breeding cows.

Three two-year old heifers.

Eight oxen trained to the plough.

Two young bulls of one year.

I declare as my goods 100 head of ewes.

One piece of land, which I have in "La Cañada" which has been taken care of by the account of my brother, Juan Joseph Sandoval, and it, is evident that it is mine by the same instrument which remains in the possession of my said brother, Juan Joseph.

I declare that when I married, neither she nor I had any goods and by virtue of our work and industry, we have acquired those which I have at present, from which I separate the half of said goods for my said wife.  And from the other half, pertaining to me, that they deduct my principal and a fifth for my funeral and internment and the rest which remains, shall be divided in equal parts among my children.

I declare that I owe nothing to any person.

I declare that the Father Friar Andres Garzia in Taos owes me 140 vellones (fleece) of wool.

I declare that Father Friar Juan Hernandes owes me 200 vellones of wool.

I declare that the soldier, Francisco Trujillo, owes me one bull and 12 pesos, which I paid him in order that he would serve me.

I declare that Salvador Gonzales owes one one-yearling calf, I order it collected.

Name executor first my wife, doña Lucia Gomes, second my son, Antonio and third my son Andres, whom I charge to comply as soon as possible with that which is contained therein.

It is my last wish that from my goods, there shall be given to the caretaker of San Miguel, 50 pesos to help rebuild his chapel.

I ask that don Francisco Guerrero, interpose his authority and judicial sanction.   As Alcalde Mayor I sign this along with two witnesses at Santa Fe on November 26, 1755.

Signed: Francisco Guerrero (rubric); witnesses:  Felipe Tafoya, rubric and Geronimo Esquibel, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 855, Reel 5, Frames 60-65.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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