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Juana Sisneros ~ Will 1756

Know all who shall see this document of my will, that I, Juana Cisneros, widow of Juan de Santiesteban and resident of this Villa of Santa Fe, legitimate daughter of Antonio Cisneros and of Josefa Lujan, both deceased, and who were citizens of this Kingdom.

I declare I have been married to Juan de Santiesteban, for a period of twenty-four years, a little more or less, from which marriage we did not have more than two children, who died while still of tender age; and no other remained to us afterwards.

I declare that I have as my goods, a lot of lands, with his thereon which my deceased husband acquired by grant, which Our Lord, the King, made him jointly with Juan Angel Gonzales. And, afterwards, the part which fell to the share by half of said lot of lands to Juan Angel Gonzales, after the said Juan Angel Gonzales had died, were sold by Antonia de Chabes, widow of said deceased, to my husband, Juan de Santiesteban, as is evidenced by the deed of sale, which the court recorded in favor of the aforesaid, my deceased husband.

I declare that I do not owe anything to any person; likewise, I declare no one owes me anything.

I declare that, of the said land, I have sold a piece to Juan Chabes, whereof I have recorded a deed and, therein will be evidenced how much I sold him, for which I am satisfied and paid; and, because the said piece is incorporated with my lands, I separate it from my goods, because of having transferred it.

I declare that two rooms are built on my said lands, which Joseph de Chabes made with my good will, because he has married a girl whom I raised from a little girl, and I have considered her my own daughter. In which faith, it is my will, that no damage shall be placed upon him, nor shall he who lives in the said house, as his own, be hindered.

I order one peso each to the mandatory legacies, where with I separate them from my goods.

It is my will that, upon my death, my lands shall be sold in order to fulfill my legacies, and of the rest which shall remain, they shall say the masses which they can.

The rest, which shall remain, shall be divided in equal parts between Juana Maria and Pedro Zisneros, because I have raised them as my children, and they have served me.

And I declare of no value or effect any other testament, will or codicil, which may be found authorized before this, which I revoke and annul in their entirety. And it is my will that only this one may be stable and valid. And I name as my executors, Joseph Chabes and Pedro Sisneros, whom I charge for the love of God to comply with that with which I leave them entrusted.

On the tenth day of the month of June of the year one thousand seven hundred fifty-six.

Francisco Guerrero, (Rubric); Witness: Lucas Moya, (Rubric); and Phelipe Neri Zisneros, (Rubric).
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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