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Diego Padilla ~ Will 1737

On October 31, 1737 at Santa Fe, Francisco Padilla appears before the Governor as the legitimate son of Diego Padilla, asking for an inventory as his father had died on the 20th of said month.

I, Diego Padilla, was married to Catarina Gutierres, deceased, and during said marriage we had and raised one child by the name of Pedro Nolasco Padilla.  My said wife brought as dower a piece of land, which besides having been assigned to me by suit pending for said land with Martin Hurtado, and decided in my favor, as I paid the costs as it appears by the proceedings in the record, for which motive and my said son being dead it belongs  to me.

I also declare that in a second marriage with Maria Vasques, and during said children we had and raised as our children, Francisco Padilla, Manuela, Diego, Nicolas, Bernardo, Tomasa, Pedro and Maria Padilla, whom I recognize as my legitimate children.

I wish that I be buried at the San Agustin of Ysleta church.

My administrators be my wife, Maria Vasques and Francisco Padilla my son,

I declare that when I married my wife brought as dower 90 head of sheep and eight cows, with which and other property I raised the stock which I have today.

I declare that my daughter, Manuela, married to Francisco Javier Chaves, to whom I have given in dower four new shirts, a Spanish satin petticoat, one short hooped petticoat of silk stuff, one mantle, one pair of scarlet cloth skirts, one pair of serge skirts, two napkins with fringe, one half silk handkerchief, one short cloak, two linen bed sheets, one mattress and pillow all new, two horses, one pacing mare and other mare, one unbroken mule, nine cows, 60 head of sheep picked out to his satisfaction and one house.

I declare that the following persons are indebted to me, Feliz Sanchez, two horses and Marcial Gonzales, 10 pesos.

I declare as my real and personal property, three tracts of land, the one in which I live on called San Andres, and contains a house cultivated lands under ditch and the rest as appear by the deeds, another place below the Pueblo of Ysleta called San Martin, which contains also cultivated lands and what its deed call for, the other place commonly called Lo de Padilla, opposite to those of San Martin on the other side of the Rio del Norte, all of them appear by their deeds.

I also declare that looking in good conscience the gift I made to Diego Basquez Borrego to remain with him the contents.

I also declare that I have 13 head of broken horses; I also have a bunch of breeding mares from one year up – 52 head.  I also declare nine broken mules, and not broken are 33; nine plowing oxen.

I also declare 141 head of cattle from one year up.

I declare 1,700 head of sheep; and I have eight rooms in this house.

I declare to have in said house its furniture, four picture frames and principal one infant Jesus in sculpture, the frames are Saint Cajetan, the Immaculate Concepcion, Saint Peter, Saint Theresa of Jesus, San Juan Nepomuceno and two more in sculpture, St. Francis and Our Lady of Solitude.

I declare three plowshares, and one point, six hoes, two axes, one auger, on panel saw, one adze, six kettles, three large and three small ones, two candle stocks, two pitchers, one small cauldron, one drinking cup, two files, eight dishes, one bowl, three silver spoons, ten small and five large cups, four boxes with locks seven full pieces of fin linen and ten yards of Rouen linen.

I also declare my wearing apparel one gun with cover, one saddle with all its irons, one sword with silver hook and handle, one belt with silver buckle, spurs, bridle, buckskin cushions, and lance; and my wearing cloth, three shirts, three pairs of drawers, one pair of pants of scarlet cloth, one cloak of cloth from Queretaro, and hat, all the above mentioned I command to be given to my son Diego.

I declare that a fifth of my property be given to my illegitimate son, Luis Suazo, whom I had before I was married the first and the second time, 15 goats, eight ewes, and of the same be given to two Indians which I raised and their names are Andres and Margarita, five goats or ewes. And I also order that from the said one fifth by given to my said son Francisco, and that female servant Catalina, be buried with the possible solemnity and while she may live to support her, and giver her after my death 30 ewes, two cows for her support and of her son, and also one saddle horse and one breeding mare.

I also declare that by the intention which I have had since I live in this house to celebrate the feast of the deposit of the holy sacrament and on account of being my devotion I order my administrators of my property to maintain it and make it every year, with what they may be able, if there are no devout persons to do it.

I also declare to have the ready carts.

I also declare to have one stud Jack.

I ask that Captain, Juan Gonzales Bas  the Alcalde and War Captain of this jurisdiction of the villa of Albuquerque, to place his judicial authority and give the force and validity to this will and testament. Witnesses being Captain Juan Esteban Garcia de Noriega and Captain Alonso Rael de Aguilar. Signed this 18 November 1736, Diego Padilla, rubric.

Juan Gonzales Bas, rubric; Ysidro Sanchez, rubric; Francisco Gomez, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 685, Reel 8, Frames 1256-1310
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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