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Monica Tomasa Martin ~ Estate 1770 con't

[As part of her estate, they had found an old testament she had done two years prior.  Her death must have occurred closer to July 1770 than April 1768, when she wrote this]

Jesus, Maria y Jose.

I, Monica Tomasa Martin, resident of the valley of Taos, do make my testament in the following manner.

I declare, that I was married to Francisco Romero, deceased and we had three children, two males are dead and a female, and their names are Juan and Juan Andres, Maria Antonia Romero, married with Julian Lujan.

I also declare to be married with Jose Bustamante for a second time.

I declare the property of my house, in which I reside containing six rooms and a porch, less the lot of land.

I declare that from the six rooms, I bequeath to my daughter, Maria Antonia, the kitchen in the upper story, and the one below and the other four rooms and porch, I leave to my husband, Jose Bustamante.

I declare to have four picture frames, Our Lady of Sorrows, St. John, Our lady of Bethlehem and Our Lady of Guadalupe and eleven vellums, from these four frames.  I leave to my daughter Maria Antonia, Our Lady of Sorrows and Bethlehem and the others to my husband.

I declare, the household furniture contained inside of the doors and in regard to the kitchen fixtures contain two kettles, one comal, one iron spoon and one spit.

I declare that the large copper kettle, I leave to Maria Antonia.

That the other kettle, the spit, iron spoon and the comal, I leave to my husband.

I declare to have two bottles, and on small one, one silver spoon, one brass spoon, a silver for, two tin plates, one silver salt-cellar, one copper cup, one small cauldron, one copper frying pan, three small china chocolate cups, six chacuales, four small ones and two large, another bottle without a neck.

I declare to leave to Maria Antonia, two bottles, the one without a neck and another one, the brass spoon, one china cup, two small Chacuales and one big.

To my husband, I leave the other china cups, chacuales, plates, silver spoon and fork, salt-cellar, bottles, the small cauldron and frying pan.

I declare that to my compadre, Jose Romero, I leave the picture of St. Francis.

I declare to have two silk mufflers of mixed silks, one linen cover, another one red, one muffler from Cuapastle, one short velvet veil, one pair of blue silk stockings embroidered with silver lace, one silk flesh colored petticoat, one pair of blue serge skirts, one pair of silver buckles, two pairs of cotton bleached shirts, one pair of linen shirts, one cotton muffler, and a pair of blue flannel skirts.

I leave to my daughter, the petticoat, the short veil, the cloth cover, the silk stockings, the black muffler of mixed silks, the muffler from Cuapastle, two strings of beads one of Jet and the other of coral, the pearl earrings, two pairs of ladies shoes, one night shirt, and the box of Michoacán.

I bequeath for the benefit of my soul, the flesh colored silk cover, the flesh colored muffler of mixed silks, one blue velvet short veil and one pair of silver instep buckles.

I also declare that the serge skirts one pair of small skirts and one shirt, be left for me to be dressed with when I’m buried.

I declare to leave to my comadre, Francisca Trujillo, a flannel skirt and to Prudencia Leiva, the bleached cotton shirt.

I declare the other skirts, the cotton muffler to Maria Antonia, my daughter for clothing my grand-children.

Also declare a wood box with its locks, one second hand axe, the adze, the auger, the chisel, the mattock, five sickles, one ploughshare, I leave to my husband.

Also declare to have a bed stead with railings, on table, on bench which I leave to my husband with two mattresses, one linen bed sheet and one of serge, one woven, five blankets, two pillows, one with a linen cover and the other with a worsted cloth, two second hand sieves.

Also declare, the have four pigs, two sows with little ones and a male pig, all which I leave to my husband.

Declare that I have five horses, two mares and a filly, also one broken mare.  From the five horses and the mare, three horses and one breeding mare shall go to my husband and the broken mare and two horses and one breeding mare, I leave to my daughter, Maria Antonia.

Declare to have about 100 head of cattle.

Declare that I bequeath the Blessed Sacrament a young cow and a calf, that the increase may be applied to masses for the benefit of the soul of my deceased husband, Francisco Romero, this I leave to my husband, Jose Bustamante.

I declare to leave my mother, Graciana Martin, one cow with a heifer and one blanket.

I leave to my maid servant, Maria del Carmen, who has been in my company one cow and a calf, and to her daughter, Teresa a yearling heifer.

Also declare that when I married my husband, Francisco Romero, I did not bring any property of what I have stated, but as he was earning and saving.

I declare to have 300 varas of land in width and in length is the limits of the river of Las Trampas; said land is bounded with lands of Manuel Olguin, deceased ad with lands of Juan Fresquez, this land I leave to my husband, Jose Bustamante.

I declare 200 varas of land which I had for my support were loaned to me by the heirs of my deceased husband, Francisco Romero to keep it until the end of my days, I order that said land be returned to them.

I declare that Feliz Urioste owes to Clemente Gutierrez four hides at two dollars each one, and I am his security, I order to collect and pay the same.

Also declare that Julian Romero owes to Clemente Gutierrez, four hides, at two dollars each, I order to collect and pay them.

I declare that the black velvet short waist, which I have, I bequeath it for the benefit of my soul, and if the priest does not want it, I order it sold for a mule to satisfy this bequest.

I declare that when my husband was married with me, he did not bring any property, and it is my will to leave him as my heir.  I had no children from my husband, Jose Bustamante.

And after paying my funeral and shroud from my property, I order that a cow be given to each one of my step-sons.

I declare that the remained of my estate be equally divided between my husband and my daughter.

I wish to be buried next to my deceased husband, Francisco Romero, at St. Geronimo.

I appoint my husband as my executor, Jose Bustamante. 

I also declare to have remembered that I have two door locks, one padlock, three varas of new narrow gold lace and four of silver lace second hand.

One mortar with its hammer, two pairs of scissors, four new Navajo baskets, three large and one small one, come coral beads and one pair of ear drops, one pair of black bracelets, three thimbles – two for ladies and one for men, two sets of knitting needles and a crotchet, one brass needle case, one silk china winder, one silver snuff box with a turtle shell bottom. 

I declare that one door lock, the padlock, the three varas of gold lace and the 4 ½ of silver lace, the mortar with its hammer, one string of coral beads with four small medals, and the mans’ thimble, two Navajo baskets - a large and a small - I leave to my husband.

The other door lock, the corals an ear drops, the two pairs of knitting needles and the crotchet, one pair of scissors, two ladies thimbles, one silk winder, the needs case, the silver box, two large Navajo baskets and stitching needles I leave to Maria Antonia.

I declare that the black bracelets, to leave to Catarina, the daughter of my maid servant, Maria del Carmen.

I declare that I owe to Juan Andres called Pasule, an Indian, one two year old heifer and I order this paid.

I declare that I owe Josefa Martin, the wife of Cristobal Lopez, from La Cañada, a two-year old bull and I order this paid.

I declare to owe Melchora Valdes, the wife of Antonio Dominguez, a three-year old heifer, I order this paid.

I declare that Juan Mirabal owes me a three-old cow, I order it collected.

I declare that Luis Cruz owes me a hall folding door for which I paid him a gun and a jacket, I order to collect it.

Declare that Cristobal Tafoya owes me 16 varas of sack-cloth, I order it collected.

To be given to my maid servant, Ysabel, one young cow and to Juana Maria and to her sister, one heifer one-year old to each and a bull of the same age to be given to her son Bentura.

Declare that I gave to don Clemente Gutierrez a silver pommel, to see it, if has not sold it, I order to collet it or the money and I order to deliver it to my step-son Julian.

I declare that Jose Antonio Naranjo owes me a cow, with a heifer which I loaned him for milking, I order to collect it.

I execute at this place of Las Trampas of the valley of Taos, on April 11, 1768.  By request of Monica Tomasa Martin, signed Nicolas Leal, rubric.  Witnesses:  Nicolas Leal, Juan Antonio Leiva, rubrics.

To finalize the estate, they all affirmed:
I, Jose Mirabal, resident and husband of the deceased Monica Tomasa Martin, and together with Maria del Carmen, Ysabel, Graciana, Feliz Urioste, Julian Romero and Jose Romero, do hereby declare and say that we have received from the hands of the alcalde what is mentioned, signed July 25, 1770.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 590, Reel 3, Frames 1210-1228.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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