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Maria Martin ~ Will 1768

I, Maria Martin, a resident of the villa of Santa Fe and widow of Corporal Juan Lujan, deceased, am the legitimate daughter of Domingo Martin and Josefa de Herrera; both deceased find myself ill in bed and make my final testament.

I declare that I was married and veiled for the period of forty years in which we had and raised nine children who are:  Antonio Lujan, deceased; Joseph, living; Cristobal and Juan, both deceased; Santiago, deceased; Domingo, Maria and Francisco who are living. [Only lists eight]

Declare as my property my house which is composed of four rooms and a piece of land in front.

Declare that I have some property at the villa of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, a house and cultivated lands, as it evident by the deed of sale in my possession.

It is my wish that my dwelling house and the piece of land pertaining thereto be left free for my daughter, Maria, because she is a woman and poor, and also because she has lived in my company all of my life without having forsaken me. No other heir shall bring a suit or claim against her; she can sell or transfer it at her pleasure.

It is my last wish, that from the rand and lands at la Cañada, after paying for the shroud, interment, funeral and masses, I leave whatever is left to the wish of my children, to be partitioned among my three living children, Jose, Domingo and Francisco, as my daughter Maria has been taken care of.  I said that whatever remained of the lands of La Cañada should be partitioned among the said three; it was because I did not have Santiago Lujan, my grandson, in mind, and he shall have an equal share with the rest.

I name as my executors, first my son, Jose Lujan and second my other son, Francisco.

Signed on the 14th of January 1768, I certify, Phelipe Tafoya, rubric.

Witnesses:  Joph. Miguel Tafoya, rubric; Manuel Fernandes, rubric; Santiago Fernandez, rubric; Lucas Moya, rubric.

Moreover, I, Maria Martin, mentioned in the memorandum, being of sound mind as already stated, in order to concur with my son, Joseph Lujan, my first executor, as is shown on his arrival we have remembered that my deceased husband, his father, owed the wife of the said Jose for a small two room house and a small piece of land, and it is my wish that whatever the value of this may be, the equivalent be paid by my heirs from the lands at la Cañada.

I declare that the new house which my son Jose has built at La Cañada belongs to him alone and that none of the other heirs may have any right to the said house.

I declare that besides the lands that I have already declared there is another cornfield at the said Cañada, that may hold one quartilla of corn seed, and it is my wish that it be added to the rest that I have already declared, and that it remain partitioned as I have said of the rest, at the desires of my executors. Signed Phelipe Tafoya, rubric; witnesses:  Jose Migel Tafoya, rubric; Lucas Moya, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 587, Reel 3, Frames 1200-1203.
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