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Teodora Gertrudis Ortiz ~ 1800 Will

Know ye all who this my testamentary memorandum may see, that I, Teodora Gertrudis Ortis, a resident of this villa of Santa Fe, widow of Nicolas Rael, finding myself sick of an illness which God has seen fit to send me, but in my entire judgment, mind and natural understanding, in fear of death order my testament and last will in the following manner:

I declare that I have been married according to the rites of our Holy Mother Church to Nicolas Rael, from which marriage we had as our children Teresa de Jesus, who died when she was a young child, and Jose Pablo, who died when he was married.

I declare that my deceased husband brought to the marriage a few cattle, and that I brought a few which I had received as inheritance from my parents and which are in the possession of Anacleto Miera on shares, as shown by the document he executed in my favor, as well as the number he has to deliver.

I declare as my property a house in this villa with a piece of land adjoining it, all of which is shown in the document.  It is my will to bequeath it, as I do bequeath it, to my brother don Jose Ortis, in appreciation of his keeping me in his company and furnishing me all my maintenance.

I declare that a piece of land which I received as paternal inheritance I have sold to Juliana Peña, for which she still owes me the sum she may confess, as I do not remember it; and also she shall be given on account, the deed for the said land, which as yet I have not given.

I declare that I owe our Lady of Guadalupe a bull which I gave as an offering for the chapel.

I order given to my former servant Jorge, two dry cows and one bull.

Likewise to Jose Antonio Josefa and to another Josefa who serves me, I order given to each one cow with calf, because I raised them and they served me.

I declare that I have a holy picture in high relief of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores and it is my wish that it be hung in the chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Luz.

I declare as my chattels three mattresses, one chest with lock, one branding iron, three blankets, one pair of serge skirt, a pair of calico, one cotton shawl of different colors, one iron griddle.  From these give the said Josefa who is serving me one mattress and one blanket.

I declare that I do no owe any person anything, but if any debt should appear against me, I order it paid when proved.

I declare that I have not made any other testament, memorandum or codicil and only the present one is to be firm, stable and valid; and if any other appears, I consider it null and void and of no value.

I order that after the payment of my funeral Masses, bequests and the rest shall be paid, and whatever is left of my property shall be distributed for offering of Masses for my soul and that of my aforesaid husband and son.

In order that his my last will be complied with, I name as my testamentary administrators in the first place, my brother Gaspar Ortiz, and in the second my brother Tomas, no that these may gather my chattels, comply and execute what is disposed by me in this my testament and last will..

Executed in the home of the Captain of the Militia don Antonio Jose Ortis of the villa of Santa Fe, where the grantor resides on the 9 July 1800.  I certify.

Joseph Miguel de la Peña (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel I, Twitchell 124
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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