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Cristobal Crespin ~ Lands near the Chama River 1714

I, Cristoval Crespin, a citizen of this jurisdiction of the new town of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, and of the families that were recruited in the city of Zacatecas by the Marquis de la Brazinas in the year of 1693, for the settlement of this province of New Mexico, appear before your Excellency in due legal form and state;

In this present year of 1714, I have remained in this province always serving His Majesty as there has not been allowed to my mother, Juana de Ansiso, who acted as head of the family, even a small lot of land to enable her to build a house, this prompted me to enlist as a soldier at this military presidio, where I served 14 years, but having an attack of sickness and being unable to perform my duties I withdrew the said enlistment some eight months ago.

Finding myself with a large family, a wife and children, and having no land to cultivate so as from the product I might gather there from to support my family, I therefore, register the land adjoining that registered by Ensign Salvador Santistevan and Capt. Bartolome Lovato, to the extent that there may be corn and wheat growing land at the said place on the Chama river, which land is uncultivated and unsettled and included in the public domain, and which I ask in a grant from your Excellency, who will please grant it to me together with the entrances with due respect exits.

I declare in due legal form that this, my petition is not made in dissimulation and as may be necessary, etc.  Signed Cristoval Crespin

Amendment – I will state that the grant I apply for is that our two families, that is to say my own and that of Nicolas Griego, may be accommodated; the available portion of said land to be divided between the two in equal portions, and in the form I ask the said grant… Cristoval Crespin

On 29 August 1714, granted whatever is left after granting four fanegas to Salvador de Santistevan and Nicolas de Valverde, and the two fanegas with a house, lot and garden which in their outskirts I granted to Capt. Bartolome Lovato, then whatever land there shall remain I do, in the name of His Majesty...  Signed Juan Ignacio Florez Mogollon, Roque de Pinto

On 31 August 1714, Capt. Sebastian Martin, Chief Alcalde and War Captain, placed Cristoval Crespin and Nicolas Griego in royal possession as required in the grand made by His Excellency the Governor.  Having observed all the formalities, the land was granted.  Boundaries are:  adjoining the lands of Ensign Santistevan and Nicolas Valverde, whom were directed to place landmarks on the west of the said Chama River up to where the acequia madre will begin, on the south lands of Captain Bartolome Lovato, the south lands of Antonio de Salazar and to where the Chama joins the del Norte River; on the east the said Chama River and to he west the hills.  Signed - Sebastian Martin.

A year later, Cristobal Crespin is asking for an extension of the title to his property as he has been very ill.  He is also complaining that Jose Trujillo has encroached on his land since he has not been able to work on it.  Trujillo is told to demolish the corrals and vacate the property since the land was given in royal possession to someone else.  Signed Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon, November 25, 1715.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 1, Twitchell #167, Frames 1167-1180
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  1. Thank you so much for this post! Do you know how I could find out where this land grant was in a bit more detail?

  2. This area is near Hernandez right above today's Espanola. I don't see any other information on the land in the adjudicated records. But I would research Bartolome Trujillo, he had lands in that vicinity and might have purchased some of the Crespin property. Many of these types of grants were sold and the people moved out. Most of the Crespin's ended up in the Cochiti area.