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Juliana Feranandez ~ Will 1785

I,  Juliana Fernandez, find myself ill, but in sound judgment. 

I declare having been married to Miguel Ortiz, of which marriage we had and raised one daughter, Maria Lucia, deceased at the time of three years and five months.

I declare at the same time, to have second nuptials with Corporal Juan de Jesus Beitia, for the time of nine years of which marriage we had no children.

I declare having brought to the second marriage, 50 ewes and the clothes that I wore, the said ewes are still in arrears but its equivalent in my will is for my husband.

I declare that I brought to this second marriage 38 head of cattle of all ages, which was my inheritance from my daughter which was left to her by her father and by her death to me.  It is my will that four novenas of masses be said for my soul.  Four for my mother and the other part for my husband and what is recognized as an increase of this number, two parts be made, one for my step-daughter, Maria Antonia and the other for my Indian girl, Maria Rosa.

I declare to have two mules mated, which should be given for the good of my soul.

I declare as mine, one cloth, one shawl, one dress skirt of velvet, one under petticoat of which is in my will, the rebozo to be given to my mother, the dress skirt to Our Lady of Dolores, and the underskirt to my said step-daughter and the gold rings to the good of my soul.

I declare as my chattels that my husband has given two pairs of __, two cloths of all silk, one cloth with ribbons, one ladies shawl - white, two rings of gold, one skillet, one kettle, two trunks of Michoacán with locks, one wardrobe with hinges but no key; and all other house dishes, this has been given to my husband and I leave to his disposition.

I declare to have fine pearl earrings; this is my wish to be given to Our Lady of Dolores of La Cañada.

I declare as my chattels, one wagon, one skillet, the trunks of Michoacán, one small and two large with locks, which will be for my mother.

One white box, and one box with a lock, one is for my step-daughter and one for my said Indian girl.

I declare that my husband left me one house and lands in Los Arboles, as it is called, which is half mine and half for my deceased daughter and it is my wish, the said half is for the good of my soul and my husband and my called daughter, deceased and the other half to my husband, Juan de Jesus Beitia.

I declare that the house where I reside should be bought with the proceeds of 250 ewes that my first husband left me, the proceeds have been collected and with this the house shall be paid, which is my wish.  My funeral should be paid, Mass with body present and an eight day Mass and the remained be applied for the souls of my father, husband and daughter.

I declare as my executors, Sergeant, Pablo Sandoval and second, my husband and if one cannot then Toribio Rodriguez.  Not knowing how to sign, this 20th day of May 1785.

I declare that the part that belongs to me on the father and mother’s side of the La Majada Ranch and the rest is mine as heiress, half to my husband, Juan de Jesus Beitia.  Signed Jose Maldonado, Witnessed by:  Pablo Sandoval and Jose Maldonado.

[Note:  She must have been very ill when she made this will.  Later records show her in the 1790 census and then she was buried on June 10, 1808 as the widow of Juan de Jesus Beytia at Santa Fe.  Baptized as Barbara Juliana Fernandez, she was the daughter of Bartolome Fernandez de la Pedrera and Luisa Tenorio de Alba]

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 2, Frames 485-.  Twitchell #279
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