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Juana Dominguez ~ Will 1717

Will of Juana Domingues

In the name of God Amen.  Let it be known to all that this last will and testament is made voluntarily that I, Juana Dominguez, neighbor of Santa Fe, being sick in bed, with the illness that our God, has seen fit to send me and, in all my soundness of faculties and natural understanding.

I order that my body be buried at the Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary the Conquistadora, (archive torn here).

Then I request my body (archive torn here) be dressed in the habit…..of our Father Saint Francis.  I also request that the mandatory offering be given of 2 pesos each. (torn here).  I also declare that they say (torn here) a funeral mass with vigil.

I also declare that they say three masses for which I request that my son, Juan Luxan pay for them.
I declare that I owe 8 pesos to two persons, since my childhood but I am not able to remember their names and do not know if they are alive or dead, I request my son Juan Luxan to have four masses said for this account.

I declare that I owe Martin Hurtado 2 pesos.
I also declare that I owe Francisco de Casados for seven pairs of stockings.
I owe Francisco de Vetansos, a pair of stockings.
I declare that my comadre, Juana Griego, owes me for 3 pair of stockings and a pair of gloves.
I declare that the widow of Mathias Pacheco owes me a pair of stockings.
I declare that Polonia Montaño, wife of Santistevan, owes me for a pair of stockings.
I declare that Maria Gutierres owes me a pair of stockings,
Also I declare that Maria Romero, wife of Francisco Perea, owes me for a pair of stockings.
I declare that Rosa Rodriguez owes me 3 pesos.
I declare that Balthasar Trujillo owes me 4 pesos.
Also that Pedro de Rojas owes me two hores for one (archive torn) …and that the same my son Juan Lujan
I declare that I was married and veiled under the orders of our ___ Holy Catholic Church the first time with Domingo Lujan  (torn) ___ years and we procreated one son and three legitimate daughters (torn) … Luxan, Antonia Lujan, Josefa Lujan (torn) …which I declare for my legitimate children which we procreated during the time of that marriage.

I also declare that I was married a second time to the Camp Commander Lorenzo de la Madrid from which we had no children.

I also declare that God be served by my death by giving to my grandson Marcos Martin a horse that is called "El Apache".
I also declare that this grandson be given the old saddle left by my husband Lorenzo de Madrid.
I also order that my granddaughter Josepha Quintana be given a _______.
I order that this same granddaughter be given a scarlet cape.
I also order that the same granddaughter be given two handkerchiefs, one of silk and the other of thread.
I also order that the same granddaughter be given three yards of flowered Rouen linen.
I also order that the same granddaughter be given six yards of unbleached muslin and a yard of fabric made in the territory.
I also order that this same granddaughter be given an iron griddle iron, a roaster and a chocolate pot.
I also order that this said granddaughter (archive torn) receive a bed that fixes up with a mattress, 4 blankets and a pillow.
I also order that this granddaughter be given a ___.  And it is my wish that this granddaughter __naze this is because she gathered  (torn) until her father returns from territory (torn).
And is it also my wish that _______(torn) be given …..ines two buffalo skins.
Also I wish that be given (torn) …vador Martinez (probably Salvador)
I declare that the promissory note which passed to the authority of my son, Juan Luxan, is from Pedro de Rojas for two horses, which I leave to my son, Juan Luxan.
It is my desire that some lands I have on the other side of the river of this villa, along with others which I have at La Cañada, I leave to my three daughters, in order that they divide it equal parts.
I declare some papers which my husband, Lorenzo de la Madrid left, to be given to one of his sons, named Tomas Madrid.

I also declare that my other husband assigned to me this house and lands attached to me as well as to my son Juan Luxan, I leave my share of house and lands and a ____ black horse.

In order to comply with my wishes and to pay for this last will and testament, I also leave to my son, Juan Luxan then I come before Captain Salvador Montoya, Ordinary Alcalde of this Villa of Santa Fe, whom I requested to place his authority for its greater power and validity.

I know the grantor of this Will and she does not sign because she does not know how to sign. (archive torn) Bentura de Esquibel and Juan de Medina from this Villa acting as judge, (archive torn) notario publico from this villa on the 12th day of January of 1717 and on the present  paper (archive torn) from this kingdom.
Salvadory Montoya  At the request of Juana Dominguez
Bentura de Esquibel   (archive torn) appears to be another signature which I can't read

As request of Juana Domingues
Bentura Esquibel, rubric
Salvador Montoya, rubric

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #235, Roll 2, Frame 238-241
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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