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Juan Rafael Esquibel ~ Will 1819

I Juan Rafael Esquibel, a soldier of the company of Santa Fe, am sick in bed.

I declare that I am a married man and that I married Maria Nieves Maldonado, for eight years now (Sept 2 1811).  From this marriage, we had five children who are:  Maria Guadalupe, Miguel Antonio, Jesus Maria, Fernando and Maria Rafaelita, which I acknowledge as my legitimate heirs.

I declare as my property, my home with two rooms and some land on the other side of the river.  One of the rooms has six vigas, 36 varas of and 14 more at the front of the same lands; one of the pieces of land lies in front the house and the other on the side of the river.

I declare as my property, a saddle and fire arms, which constitute my equipment, a knapsack, cushions, bridle, rope, halter, rifle, a lance without a point, which is on the shelf, a cartridge belt, pistol and cover for the rifle, cartridges that are 45 caliber and my cloth jacket.  Pants made of buckskin, shirt, two old hats, two horses and a mule which I received by donation.

I declare that I have no other property.

I declare that I owe Antonio Ortiz, 25 pesos and on account of delaying the payment it is now 30 pesos.  To my mother-in-law, Tomasa Olguin, a cow and calf.  To Pablo Ortega, one peso.  To Jose Miera, one peso – I order they be paid.

I declare owing Jose Maldonado an ox.  Ramon Apodaca, one cow and calf and a yearling calf.  To Francisco Martin, soldier of Abiquiu, two buckskin hides, which I order to be recovered.

I appoint as my administrators, Francisco Ortiz first and my wife, second.  Signed this day December 21, 1819.  Manuel Baca (rubric), Jose Tapia (rubric), Antonio Benabides (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 2, Frame 441-442, Twitchell 264.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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