Friday, March 30, 2012

Juan de Mestas, 1699, Possession of Land Grant ~ Pojoaque

After applying for a land grant in the Pojoaque Valley, Juan de Mestas takes possession with Roque Madrid officiating the ceremony.

On the tenth of the month of December, of the year 1699, I, Lieutenant General, Roque Madrid, Chief Alcalde and War Captain, of this Jurisdiction for his Excellency Pedro Rodrigues Cubero, Governor and Captain General did execute the Royal possession to Juan de Mestas, resident of this place, from the side of a hollow and above a house lot and from said side of hill and lot, the line runs from east to west to the river, below the Pueblo of Pojoaque towards the Pueblo of Jacona to a bluff, within which there is given him the three fanegas of planting land, and from north to south along said River to the hills descending from Cuyamungue without including any of said land of the said Pueblo, but including the appurtanances of the Pueblo of Jacona and from north to south along the said Pojoaque River, where the junction of the rivers is from a stake which is driven in said hollow. What it may so appear, I signed this with one of my attending witnesses who knew how to sign, and who by request-signed for the other and with Salvador de Anaya Almazan instrumental witness et supra, Roque Madrid, Salvador de Anaya Almazan, Jose Manuel Giltomey, at the request of Jose Madrid, Jose Manuel Giltomey.

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Surveyor General #80

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