Friday, March 9, 2012

Juan Antonio Rodriguez, 1689 - 1738

Juan Antonio Rodriguez, the son of Jose Rodriguez and Maria Samano, came to New Mexico with his parents during the Post Revolt Recolonization. From his will, we know that he was married to dona Maria Francisca Fernandes and they had no children. But he does state, that he had two natural children named Fransisco Javier and Marcos, who left the amount of $2,940 upon his passing. His executors are Captain, Juan Fernandez, his wife dona Maria Francisca Fernandez and Jose Antonio Rodriguez, his brother. Juan Antonio leaves to two of his siblings, Gertrudis and Jose, heirs to the remainder of his property.

One statement in the estate is that of Juan Manuel Chirinos, the church warden, who had received from Captain Juan Ferndandes de la Pedrera $24 pesos for land given to his son-in-law, Captain Juan Rodrigues, dated April 1738. He also delivered to Juan Antonio Rodriguez, the nephew of the deceased, $179 in sheep and cattle. The total of his estate in 1738, was $7,375.75, debts he owed of #135.25 and debts due him of $50.

So who was the natural mother?

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Twitchell #756.

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