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1787-1788 Pojoaque Marriages

On December 3, 1787, married and veiled, Blas Gonzales, resident of La Cañada, widower of Luz Urtado (Hurtado), deceased with Maria Concepcion, single, daughter of unknown father and adopted daughter of Gregorio Duran and Maria Concepcion Cisneros, both deceased. Witnesses: Jose Antonio Gonzales and his wife, Dolores Trujillo, residents of Truchas.

On December 8, 1787, married and blessed, Rafael Serrano, español, widower of Elena Lobato and resident of Taos, with Maria Ysabel Lucero, widow of Manuel Begil (Vigil), and resident of this mission. Witnesses: don Gaspar Hortiz and his wife, doña Francisca Martin, resident of the same.

On January 8, 1788, married and veiled, Julian Antonio Begil (Vigil), español, single, resident of this jurisdiction of Santa Clara, legitimate son of Gregorio Begil and Lorena Valerio, both deceased, with Maria Paula Lujan, española, single, resident of this jurisdiction, legitimate daughter of Francisco Lujan and Magdalena Roibal. Witnesses: Bentura Martin.

On January 10, 1788, married and veiled, Andres Capa , Indian, resident of Pojoaque, widow of Concepcion Silva, with Antonia Pasquala Lopez, single, resident of the same, legitimate daughter of Miguel Lopez and Lucia, deceased. Padrinos: Jose de Jesus Martin, and Maria Concepcion Lucero. (20)

References: FHL #16040

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