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Sister Augustine David - Will dated June 6, 1870

In the Territory of Colorado in Arapahoe County, Teresa Chavez, but in religion called Sister Augustine David, late of said county, died in or about the 10th of June 1870. She did leave property and Jose L. Perea has been appointed executor in and by said will and testament. Signed Probate Jude, Henry A. Clough with seal on January 31, 1871. The will follows.

I, Teresa Chaves, aka Sister Augustine David, formerly of the Territory of New Mexico, but residing in Denver, am of sound mind and judgement and declare this my will. I bequeath to Mother Magadalene Hayden, Superior of the Convent of Our lady of Light in Santa Fe, NM, an mount of money sufficient to pay and discharge all of the debts and primary liabilities all of the debts and liabilities of the said Convent of Our Lady of Light at Santa Fe, which I calculate and presume at this time to be $2,000.

Second, I give and bequeath to the Mother House of the Sisters of the Society of Loretto, which said institution is situated in Marien County in the State of Kentucky the sum of $2,000. Third, I give to the saint Mary's Academy in Denver, the sum of $2,500. Fourth, I give to each of the branch houses - Taos, Mora, Las Vegas and Las Cruces, all in NM, $1,000 each. Lastly, I give all the rest of my estate goods and chattels to the Convent of Our Lady of Light at Santa Fe, NM.

I hereby appoint, my uncle, don Jose Perea, of New Mexico my sole executor of this my last will and testament, signed this day, 6 June 1870, Teresa Chavez, with L.S. initials circled, Hermana Augustina David. Further filed and recorded in Santa Fe, on 20 February 1871, by Trinidad Alarid, Scribe for the Probate Court.

*Her wealth likely came from her parents and she disposed of it how she wished. More information needs to be reviewed, like her uncle, which might leave a clue as to her parents, who she does not name in the will.

Reference: Santa Fe County Probate and Will Book "D", pgs. 32-35

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  1. Just a thought ... I have a record in my database for JOSE LEONIDES PEREA married to MARIA DOLORES CHAVEZ, listed as parents of Ana Maria Perea in her 1852 marriage at Sandia to Juan Cordova. If Ana Maria married in 1852, her father Jose Perea's birth could have been about 1832 or so and in 1870 could have been about 38 years of age. Just wondering ... Sister Augustine David's uncle is noted as "Jose L. Perea" which could be this Jose Leonides Perea in my database.

    Additionally, this record for Sister Augustine David fascinates me. As a former member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati (SC), I know that Bishop Lamy brought the SCs and the Sisters of Loretto (SL) to the Southwest and particularly to Santa Fe, NM and to Trinidad, CO (my hometown). In my work in Denver, CO as a Sister of Charity, I loved working with the Sisters of Loretto. They are a wonderful religious community of women.