Monday, January 2, 2012

Simon Delgado 1867 - Last Will

Pablo Delgado from the City and County of Santa Fe, NM, was appointed and authorized by a power of attorney on 4 May 1867, said document was executed by his brother, Simon Delgado, who was a resident of the same. Simon since having departed from this life, and Pablo is making a will for his deceased brother. He left a surviving widow, Peregrina Campbell de Delgado and three children: Pedro, Josefa and Gregoria Nacianseno, all Delgados.

Pablo goes on to declare what his brother's properties were, but the most important one which is listed first is - on the south side of the public plaza in the City of Santa Fe, consisting of three store-rooms and back buildings and of which are two story high, including the whole property from the said plaza to the Rio Chiquito shall be equally divided in interest, the one half to his said widow and the other half to his three children.

The witnesses were Manuel Doroteo Pino, Santiago C de Baca, Ramon Sena y Garcia, they sign their names that Pablo Delgado was in his right mind and sound judgement. Trinidad Alarid, the Probate Judge certifies the document and it was done.

This is a new one for me, a dead man writing a will, then written by his brother in the past tense and they allowed him to do this, instead of him dying intestate. 1867 Santa Fe must have had some interesting things going on.

Reference: Santa Fe, NM Probate and Will book, pgs. 338-340

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