Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pomoseno Apodaca, 1865 Will

I, Pomoseno Apodaca, was married to Josefa Rodriguez for 39 years and we had one son, Jose Francisco Apodaca, who died at one month old. His executors are his wife, Demetrio Perez and Luis Constante.

One interesting item in this will are his tools used for mining silver. He leaves these to Carlos Dominguez and his brother, Pascual, so that they may make use of them and enjoy them.

He tells us that his house bounded to the north are the properties of the deceased don Juan Felipe Ortiz, the vicar; to the south the camino real which comes from the mountain; to the east, lands of the black man, George W. Carlos, and west lands of Dolores Salazar, wife of don Francisco E. Valdez. The house is five rooms with a small plaza and some land to the north of the house situated in the barrio of San Miguel.

Reference: Santa Fe, NM Probate and Will Books, pgs. 3589-359

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