Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Leon Name in Embudo

Recently, I co-wrote an article on Embudo (now Dixon), NM, which had a land record for the Apodaca family and it noted a Jul. Leon. Many of the Leon's are sometimes using the name Brito and they seem to interchange, without giving us, the researchers, any type of clues as to why. For the most part, most of these named individuals are in the Santa Fe area, here are a few more stragglers and I'm not sure how they might be related.

A record dated, Jan 23, 1803 for a Jose Maria, a Ute Indian in the care of Julian Lucero and Barbara Cisneros with a godparent of Jose Antonio Leon from Abiquiu.

Another record for a Maria Ynes Leon, who is getting baptized at San Juan de los Caballeros church on July 12, 1812, age 7 days and the daughter of Jose Antonio Leon and Maria Manuela Aragon, godparents: Juan de Jesus Romero and Maria Encarnacion Romero. They are from Joya.

On April 7, 1825, a five day old Maria Ricarda Martin was baptized, the daughter of Felipe Martin and Juana Maria Leon, godparents: Jose Antonio Borrego and Paula Sanchez.

In the Picuris records, there is one lady named Josefa Ponce de Leon, which makes me wonder if she has something to do with these area Leon people. As early as April 1787, she is a godmother to a Romero child being baptized.

Another record at Picuris is for Miguel Antonio Leon, baptized on June 5, 1810, son of Jose Antonio Leon and Manuela Aragon.

More research is needed to see if there is any type of connection or if this is a new family in New Mexico and we keep trying to make them part of one larger family.

References: San Juan de los Caballeros, Baptisms; Picuris Baptisms; HGRC Journal "Herencia" 20:1, Jan 2012, with Jose Nestor Salazar (Embudo-Some Loose Ends)


  1. Further Information on this family: Josefa Ponce de Leon married to Santiago Silva, (ONMF Vol. 3) 1790 census Settlement near Picuris and Pueblo has, Santiago Silva S, 45, m. Josefa Ponce de Leon 39, 3 sons 13, 3, 1. Josefa daughter of Juan Jose Ponce de Leon, Buenaventura (Nueva Vizcaya) and Casilda Lucero de Godoy. (ONMF Vol. 3) Not sure if I put this information in or it was part of what I originally imported.

    References: Beyond Origins of New Mexico, Origins of New Mexico Families.
    Submitted by: Lorraine Aguilar, well-known New Mexico genealogist.

    1. I really think you have something here. The Leon name from Picuris could be a totally different family than the Leon Brito from Santa Fe.

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  3. I remember that some De Leon people lived in the San Luis Colorado area at one time but, that was in the mid 1990s