Monday, January 2, 2012

Juan Rodriguez y Ortiz, Jan 30, 1868 - Santa Fe, NM

I, Juan Rodriguez y Ortiz, resident of the County of Santa Fe, Territory of New Mexico, legitimate son of my deceased parents, Nicolas Rodriguez and Maria del Rosario Ortiz, find myself ill.

I declare that I was married to, Maria Juana Quintana, for 41 years and we had the following nine children: Rafael, Paula, Miguel, Ysabel, Seferino, Cayetano, Ana Maria, Marcos, Eduardo. He leaves half of the house to his wife and then the first seven children should divide the other half. The last two minor children, Marcos and Eduardo he leaves some land and a house, this he leaves this as a wedding dowry of sorts. He also gives them some furnishings, and cows with calves. Apparently the other children are all married and were given something at that time.

His executors are Manuel Rodriguez and Rafael Rodriguez. Witnesses; Manuel Rodriguez, Seberiano Romero and recorded on February 10, 1869 in Santa Fe Probate Court.

Reference: Santa Fe, NM Probate and Will book, pgs. 401-403

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