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Juan Pedro Garcia & Felicita Tenorio

Over the years, I've been trying to keep track of the early families of Trementina, this being around 1875 to 1930. With the 1940 census coming out in April, I've been tracking who I need to follow up on first and if that census data will give me any new information. This particular family is one I've had some problems taking back further into the mid 1800's. If anyone has more information on them, I'd love to visit with you.

Juan Pedro Garcia, son of Juan Jose Garcia and Ana Maria, was born about October 1871 in somewhere in New Mexico (per census). They do appear in three censuses at Trementina.

• He appeared on the census in 1900 in Trementina, New Mexico.1 Juan Pedro Garcia, 28, B. Oct 1871, married 8; Felicita 23, b. Jan 1877; Juaquin, 7, b. Nov 1893; Juan Nepomuceno, 6, b. Nov 1893; Juan Antonio, 3, b. Nov 1896; Josefita, 1, b. Nov 1898; all born in New Mexico.

• He appeared in the census in 1910 at Trementina, New Mexico.3 Juan P. Garcia, 40, married 18, farmer; Felicita 33, 7 kids living at home, had 11; Juan Nepomueno, 16; Antonio, 15; Josefa 12; illegible age 11; Juan, 6; Rosalia, 1 1/2; Nicanor Baca, servant 70; Dionicio Baca, servant, 22.

• He appeared in the census in 1930 at Trementina, New Mexico.4 Juan P. Garcia, 56, farmer; Felicita, 53; Benedicto G. 19; Jose H. 17; Ernesto E. 14; Juan P. Jr., 12; Rubel M. 8.

Juan married Felicita Tenorio about 1892. Felicita was born in January 1877 in New Mexico.

Children from this marriage were:

M i. Juaquin Garcia was born in August 1892.

M ii. Juan Nepmuceno Garcia was born in November 1893.

M iii. Juan Antonio Garcia was born in November 1896.

F iv. Josefita Garcia was born in November 1898.

M v. Juan Jose Garcia was born between 1904 and 1906 in New Mexico. Juan married Juliana Madrid on May 30, 1927 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. They appeared in the census in 1930 at Trementina, New Mexico.5 Juan J. Garcia, 24, aborer odd jobs; Julia M. 22; Valentin, 2 1/2; Carlos, 11/12.

F vi. Rosalia Garcia was born about 1909.

M vii. Benedicto G. Garcia was born about 1911.

M viii. Jose H. Garcia was born about 1913.

M ix. Ernesto Esmel Garcia was born on August 4, 1915 in Conchas, New Mexico and died on April 2, 1999 in New Mexico at age 83. Ernesto married Teodorita Maes, daughter of Daniel Maes and Maria Eliza Sanchez, on July 21, 1937 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Teodorita was born on January 19, 1918 in San Rafael (Trementina), New Mexico and died on October 21, 1981 in Las Vegas, New Mexico at age 63.

M x. Juan P. Garcia Jr. was born about 1918.

M xi. Rubel M. Garcia was born about 1922.

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  1. Hello, my name is Arthur Antonio Garcia and I am a descendent of Juan Pedro Garcia and live Dallas, TX. He was my great grandfather. My grandfather was Joe H Garcia who passed away in Hereford. There is a grave stone at the Catholic cemetery. My dad was Maximino Antonio Garcia. My tio's were Telesforo, Hereford Tx, Herminio lives in Dalhart TX, my aunt Daisy lives in Hereford, my tio Joe H Garcia lives in Amarillo, Tx, tia Maria passed away, mi tio Hilario passed away in Herefor, Tx. my grand father Jose Hilario took me to see my great granfathers & grandmothers graveside. I saw the ghost town too. On private land now. My aunt Daisy has fotos of Juan Pedro Garcia & of his bro's I am interested as to where they originally came from in Spain. What area?

  2. I met mi tios Ernesto, Rubel y Juan. My granfather Joe H Garcia Married Aurora Vigil.

  3. I don't think we have enough information to get you back to Spain yet. This family has been elusive and we have some missing records, which don't help. We think one of the grandparents might have been adopted and that is why we can't find information. It is on my project list. The Garcia family themselves came into New Mexico from Mexico in the 1600's. We don't have that many families connected back to Spain as most people think. They migrated from Mexico and so a bunch of work needs to get done to make the connections to Europe.

    1. Henrietta, it's a pleasure to have found you.I have been trying to find my roots for years but it's impossible. I ask my aunt Daisy questions and doesn't really know where my great grandfather came from in Spain. But it's a start here. On a sad note my uncle Herminio passed away last Sunday June 1st of a heart attack in Dalhart TX. My grandfather Joe H has two living siblings left, Daisy (Lugarda) of Hereford & Joe H Garcia of Amarillo. If you like I can give you my phone number, so we can talk more about my family roots. I have some relatives contacts phone numbers in Las Vegas N.M. Also my great grandfather was a land surveyer, sheriff & other things. His eye glass scope is in the Santa Rosa Museum. I believe, my uncle Herminio's sons have some artifacts that belonged to my great grandfather.


  4. I'm sort of confused on one thing. I was informed by some relative that my great grandfather came from Spain on ship bound for California and from there he came across, on a covered wagon to N.M. Not sure if this is true or herecy.

  5. Henrietta, muy buenas noches. No has encontrado mas informacion sobre de mi familia?

  6. I do have a bit more information, please email me at this address:

  7. Hi my name is Joey Pete Garcia and I am the great grandson of Joe H. Garcia. My grandfather is the brother of Daisy Lugarda.....which is Joe Garcia from Amarillo. I am John Peter Garcia's son and he is my grandpas son. I am trying to find out our ancestors and if you have any pictures or any info please email it to me at