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Juan & Pedro Domingues, Rio de Tesuque, 1802 - 1842

On October 3, 1802, Juan Dominguez, ordered his last will and testament. A resident or vecino from Rio de Tesuque, County of Santa Fe. He was married to Petrona Ortega for a time of 24 years and they had the following eight children: Ysidro, Antonio, Pedro, Bernavel, Jose Miguel, Theodora, Rosa and Micaela, who are his heirs.

He continues on that he owns a five room house located in the city on the camino real. A vast amount of farm equipment, animals, weapons and more land. He names as executors, first Vicente Ximenes and second, Francisco Casados; dates and signs the will with witnesses: Pedro Bautisto Peña, Juan Esteban Peña and Jose and Miguel Tafoya. Filed and recorded on September 21, 1872.

On April 26, 1840, Pedro Dominguez, makes his final will. A resident of Rio de Tesuque, finding himself gravely ill, he commands this be done. He was married and veiled to Ana Maria Sandoval, for 40 years and we had nine children he states. They are: Juana, Joaquin, Guadalupe, Rafael, Pablo, Ysidora, Jose Miguel, Salome and Dionicio, who he claims are his legitimate heirs.

He lists all his belongs which start with a burro that should be used to pay for his burial. A five room house with a portal and a ranch at which he cultivates many things. The ranch he inherited along with his siblings from his parents. Pedro does have many carpentry tools which he leaves to his son Jose Miguel. He names as un hermano politico Vicente Jimenes. His executors are his son, Pablo. He signs and dates the document with the following witnesses: Joaquin Domingues, Probate Judge assisting and Jose Antonio Garcia, Jose de la Natividad Romero. Filed and recorded September 21, 1872 by Paul Ellison.

References: Santa Fe County Probate & Will Book "D", pgs. 16-56-161

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