Monday, January 23, 2012

Chaperito Cemetery in 2009

Chaperito was a thriving town in San Miguel County from about 1840-1959. The land has been in private hands for some time after everyone there sold off what they had and moved to town or other states. The cemetery itself, is still there, the church was torn down decades ago and some of the buildings still partially stand.

The cemetery has a variety of headstones, some aren't legible some are beautiful and others are gone. I wrote a book on Chaperito, Land Grant and Parish a few years ago and cited all the headstones that I found in 2009 when I last visited.

The land is private, and you need permission to enter. Don't try going on your own, more than likely you could get lost or never find it. But I can share pieces of the area with you, such as this cemetery picture.


  1. I have your book about Chaperito and really enjot it. I am researching an incident that occured in or near Chaperito and hope you might have some information that you can share, The incident was involving Nicolas Aragon in a shoot out with Jasper Corn and John Hurly. Any information can be sent to

  2. The tombstone is my grand-uncle, Casimiro Apodaca. I am told that my great-grandfather Teodoro Apodaca and Casimiro's father carved many of the tombstones in the Chaperito cemetery. The Apodacas, along with the Gomezes are surnames from the area that I am researching. I want to get your book to find out more. Thank you.