Monday, November 2, 2015

Cañon de Chama Land Grant 1806 - Francisco Salazar

Francisco Salazar his brothers and twenty eight other needy citizens are requesting lands to live on in the Abiquiu area.  Here is the list within the document. Possibly one of your ancestors is on the list.  Francisco Salazar actually has nice handwriting in this document when he is requesting the land grant.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 20, frames 575-
©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Monday, October 26, 2015

San Juan Burials 1844-1855 + 1781

These are the last of the written burial notes.  Again refer to the film if you think there is an error.  The number on the side is the frame number and item on that page (838:9).

Friday, October 23, 2015

San Juan Burials 1813-1844

These are more and the Film changed in the middle to AASF 38.  Please refer to the film if you think there is an error.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

San Juan Burials 1770-1800

These are just handwritten notes that I am throwing out.  My scanner isn't working too good right now, but you can still read these.  AASF #37

Monday, October 19, 2015

Burials for San Juan de los Caballeros, New Mexico

San Juan de los Caballeros, NM Burials,
Reference:  AASF #37  (frame:entry).  Please check the film these are from my handwritten notes and they haven't been proofed.   

April 12 1738, Helena Ribal m. Antonio Martin, s/ Sebastian Martin; Frame 716:3 

Feb 23, 1748, Hermenegildo Sisneros m. Maria Baldes; Frame 721:4 

Mar 3, 1748, Antonio Marques, 15 years; 722:1 

Apr 8, 1748, Ambrosio Billalpando and his son Joseph Villalpando, becino de San Antonio de Embudo; 722:4 

Jul 29, 1748, Diego, español from Taos; 725:3 

Jul 31, 1748, Cayetano, español, 8 mos.; 726:1 

Aug 4, 1748, Juan de Acosta, 50 years; 726:2 

Feb 27, 1749 Juan Luis, español, 6 months; 732:1 

May 8, 1749, Felipa Trujillo; 733:1 

May 8, 1849, Maria Francisca Garcia from Santa Fe, 34 years old; 734: 1 

Oct 26, 1750, Juan Antonio Luxan, vecino Puerto de Una, de Rio Arriba; 735:1 

May 23, 1752, Joachin Torres, 25 years; 742:3 

June 17, 172, Manuel Baca, 6 years; 743:4 

May 17, 1753, Juan Baptista, español, 5 years; 746:5 

Aug 12, 1753, Manuela Beitia, española, 60 years; 747:3 

Luisa Truxillo, 30 years; 748:1 

May 11 1757, Maria Leiba, 80 years; 754:6 

Apr 14, 1761, Francisco Martin, 40 years more or less; 766:1 

May 10, 1761, Migel Cordoba, 30 years more or less; 766:2 

May 16 1761, Maria Luzero, 15 years more or less; 766:3 

June 11 1761, Francisco Villalpando, 30 years more or less; 768:1 

June 12, 1761, Lazaro Lucero, 25 years more or less; 768:2 

July 21, 1761, Julian Villalpando, 20 years more or less; 768:3 

Nov 7 1761, Feliciana Padilla, 15 years more or less; 769:4 

Nov 9, 1761, Juana Anaya; 769:5 

Jan 15 1762, Josepha Luxan, 30 years more or less; 770:1 

Jul 15 1762, Felipa Truxillo, 30 years more or less; 772:3 

Sep 9 1762, Javier Chacon, 40 years more or less; 773:1 

Dec 6 1762, Salvador Baca, from Picruis; 775:2 

Dec 17 1762, Juan Pacheco, 70 years more or less; 776:2 

Nov 18, 1762, Pedro Martin m. Gregoria Olalla; 800:1 

Dec 18, 1761, Juan Manuel Beitia m. Feliciana Sisneros; 800:3 

Aug 3, 1776, Vicente Envivo m. Juana Blea; 810:3 

Sep 8, 1776, Antonio de Jesús, párvulo, s/ Pedro Maes and Maria Martin, españoles from Embudo; 811:3 

Sep 21, 1776, Petra Torres m. Miguel Lucero; 811:4 

Mar 16, 1777, Prudencia ¿ m. Juan Chabes; 812:4 

Apr 13, 1777, Maria Cordova, española m. Julian Arellano; 813:3 

Oct 20, 1777, Jose Antonio Párvulo, s/ Julian Pacheco and Barbara Valerio, espanoles; 813:4 

Feb 12, 1778, Gertudes Salazar; 813:5 

Apr 16, 1778, Manuel Valdez m. Ysidora Anejo, (Crespin crossed out); 814:1 

Apr 23 1778, Miguel Abeitia m. Maria Chabes; 814:2 

Oct 6, 1778, Barbara Martin, widow; 814:3 

Oct 9 1778, Jose Torres m. Gertudes Gomes; and Bartolo Archuleta m. Gertudes Trujillo, at the hands of Apaches; 814:4 

Nov 10, 1778, Jose Domingo, parbulo s/ Julian Martin and Barbara Lobato; 815:2 

Dec 13, 1778, Maria Antonia, parbula, d/ Luis Duran and Antonia Rodriguez; 815:4 

Sep 24, 1779, Maria Dolores, párvula, d/ Eusebio Martin and Maria Ana Armijo; 819:2 

Jun 15, 1780, Rafael, parvulo, s/ Domingo Lobato and Ana Maria Median; 824:3 

Jul 18, 1780, Manuela, parvula, d/ Salvador Horta Martin and Rosalia Cordova, d. 17th; 826:7
©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Friday, October 16, 2015

Andres Facundo Gonzales, Will 1816

Know all ye that I Andres Facundo Gonsales, resident of Los Corrales, and a native of the villa of Albuquerque and being gravely ill.

I wish to be buried in the church of the villa of Albuquerque in the humblest spot and my burial is with a mass with my body present.

I leave the mandatory bequests, six pesos of the land.

I declare that I was married and veiled with Maria Dorotea Griego and of said marriage we had twelve (12) children of those three are deceased and nine are living.  Maria Francisca, Maria Teodora, Antonio Jose, Jose Leonicio, Jose Miguel, Maria Manuela, Juana Maria, Maria Rosalia and Maria Francisca.

I declare that when I married Maria Dorotea Griego I did not bring one deed [no land].

I declare the following goods: a house with lands, four rooms and one jacal with seven doors and three windows.  Seven paintings, four are bultos, one crucifix, five saucepans, three axes, one adze, five large hoes, one metal knife, one ?, two China plates, one of metal, two containers, two bottles, one yellow spoon, a candlestick made of metal, a pair of old cards (weaving), an equipped loom, two combs, large sheet and one small wool blanket, one (cut off) equipped, four boxes with iron and keys, two smaller boxes one with iron and key, three benches, one table, one big with box; five cabinets, four footstools, one high bed of wood and one table; one almud (measuring box); a fanega, one branding iron with its registration; three mattresses, five blankets, two blankets (mantas); two serapes, eight cow hides, four chamois, one hide of leather, two buffalo hides for camping, 18 varas of wool cloth (sabanilla), one piece of Brittany cloth; two barber knives, three silk cloths, two blank and one white with flowers; one table knife, three ploughs with old parts, two old carts, four metates, two corrals, and two shovels.  [and it keeps on going with land, animals, debts and more]

He names as his executors Don Salvador Cordova and second his son, Don Antonio Jose Gonsales.  Signed at Corrales on the 25 September 1816. With the witnesses present and he signed his name, Juan Gonzales (rubric)

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Alameda Land Grant.
©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Piedra Lumbre - depositions

Almost all the land grants have interviews or depositions of people who were neighbors, heirs, and just knew information.  Many of these are very useful for genealogists and you can actually get some excellent information for your own ancestor, putting them in a place and time, their age, occupation, where they had lived and so on.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 20, Frame 832-