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Plaza Blanca Grant ~ 1739 Valdez family

This land grant needs to be studied quite a bit more as there are many relations here that otherwise would end up as brick walls.  Just a few frames and it tells its own story about these three siblings.  It also summarizes that Ygnacio Valdez married Juana Martin and they had several children baptized at Santa Clara.  Another frame mentions that Rosa Valdez had a son named Juan Domingo.

...Rosalia, Ygnacio and Juan Lorenzo Baldez receive a land grant in Abiquiu; noted as brothers and residents of Santa Cruz.  Rosalia de Baldes (signs)

Frame 528
Names her brothers as part of the land in Abiquiu – Ygnacio and Lorenzo.

Frame 541
At Soledad, on July 14, 1751, one neighbor, Manuel de la Rosa sells his land to Pedro Martin.

Frame 560
Juan Lorenzo Baldez has heirs that inherit the lands, Pablo Gallegos married a daughter of Juan Lorenzo Valdez.  Then a Jose de la Luz Gallegos a father to Pablo Gallegos owns land.  Reyes Gonzales purchases land from Jose Maria de Chavez.

By inheritance, Julian Valdez leaves his daughter Maria Manuela Valdez lands which goes to her sons.  Aniceto Moya gets land from his father and Ruperta Luna gets her land via her father [is this Miguel Luna with Catalina Valdez and shes’ a descendant of these Valdez’s]?

Frame 564
Jose Maria Chavez acquired (purchased) the land from the children of Juan Domingo Valdez the son of Rosalia Valdez.

Francisco C. Chavez acquired the lands from his father Jose Maria Chavez.

Jose Maria Chavez acquired the lands from his father, and Soledad Martines who was married to Jose Antonio Baldez an heir of the original land grantees.

Margarita Valverde Baldez whose husband was a grandson of Lorenzo Valdez.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 27, Frames 525-564, Plaza Blanca Grant.  ©Henrietta M. Christmas

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