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Juan Jose Lobato Grant ~ 1740

On August 24, 1740, Juan Jose Lobato of Ojo Caliente and a vecino of Santa Cruz asks for some land.  The land itself had previously been granted to Diego Torres which causes some problems, but Lobato appears to overcome that small issue.

Jose Isabel Martinez testifies that he is 71 or 72 yeards old, a son of Ygnacio Martinez and grandson of Jose Pedro Martin Serrano.  He brings the wills of his father and mother to this testimony, which they make a copy of.  

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series, I, Reel 48, Frame 65.

There is a deed transfer from Cristobal Torres, his wife, Angela Leyba and a son Diego Torres to Juan Lujan, which includes a house lot, corral and a garden tract, written in 1726. [168]

Bartolome Trujillo (Margarita Torres) states that lands were given to him by his father-in-law, Cristobal Torres, and that Jose Trujillo (Antonia Lujan) is his father, written in 1731.[175-176]

At Abiquiu on April 16, 1750, they have a copy of the lands owned by the Valdez family.  Miguel Martin, Juan Jose de la Cerda, Geronimo Martin, Ignacio Baldes, Juan Baldes for his mother Rosalia Baldes, and Manuel de las Rosas plus thirteen half-breeds make the resettlement at the plaza where the chapel is situated. [207]

They then name an Ygnacio Baldes, the older, a Ygnacio Baldes, the younger as an attorney for his mother Rosa Baldes.  Does this mean Rosa had a son named Ygnacio or is this her brother/nephew? [214]

The will of Petrona Gonzales who was married and veiled to Jose Ygnacio Martinez stated she was widow, they had eleven children:  Antonio Jose, Jose Manuel, Jose Ramon, Jose Tomas, Jose Ignacio, Maria Josefa, Maria Guadalupe, Maria Encarnacion, Maria de la Luz, Maria Josefa the second, and Maria Clara. [272]  This couple is in the 1790 Abiquiu census as:  Lt. Jose Martin, S, 52; Petrona Gonzales, 46; three sons, 22, 12, 19; five daughters, 17, 10, 8, 6, 5.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series, I, Reel 48, Frames, 168, 175, 176, 207, 214, 272.  ©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

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