Thursday, May 21, 2015

Heirs of Francisco (el ciego) Martin

Francisco Martin (el ciego).  One of his granddaughters, Maria Rosalia Fresquez is contesting the distribution of the lands as an heir through her mother.  The document starts off dated 29 April 1786, Josefa Martin and Maria Rosalia Fresques, the first daughter and heir of Francisco Martin. Other names written in this document when they are re-dividing the lands are:

Salbador Martin, already deceased
Eusevio Martin
Juana Martin, deceased and received by her daughter Maria Rosalia Fresquez.
Juan Francisco, deceased
Jose Martin who purchased some of the lands
Pedro, deceased.
Julian who also purchased some lands.
Manuel, Jose, Salbador, Barbara, and Maria, direct heirs.

Reference:  Benjamin M. Read Misc Collection, Series II, Folder #6.  New Mexico State Records Center and Archives.

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