Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ana Valdez ~ dowry 1712

In this villa of Santa Cruz on the 2nd of April 1712, before me, Captain Felipe de Aratia, Lt of the Alcalde Mayor and Captain of War of this said villa, appeared Dona Maria de Cabrera, widow of Sergeant Joseph Luis de Valdes, and Lazaro de Cordova, whom I certify that I know:  the Captains Mathias Madrid and Miguel Thenorio de Alva being present and the said Dona Maria de Cabrera stated that having raised her daughter, Ana Valdez, and married her to said Lazaro, it became necessary to give her a dowry deed to that to which she is legitimately entitled of certain real estate and lands, which are the only chattels she possesses and which she had to share with her said daughter, returning to him what belongs to her lawfully, dividing the land in equal parts among the seven children she has who share equally with said daughter.  Then it was examined which was assigned to her a parcel of land in which can be planted on fourth of an arrobo of seed corn. Its boundaries are: two acequias, the said land being in the middle between them one on the north and the other on the south side; on the east, the low wall which the river makes, to the intake of an acequia, which was made last year my Domingo Martin with the permission of said Dona Maria de Cabrera, serves as the boundary; and on the west, it is bounded by the legitimate acequia of and of the said Domingo Martin.  The rest of the children of said Dona Maria Cabrera were present of the execution of this deed, are pleased, and that the said portion of land belonged to their sister.

Signed as Assisting Witness Matias Madrid, (rubric), Miguel Tenorio de Alva, (rubric) and Felipe de Aratia, rubric.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 1, Frame 1152.

©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

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