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Lt. Pablo Sandoval ~ enlistment 1759

Pablo Sandoval son of Antonio Sandoval and Josepha Chaves, native of this villa of Santa Fe, occupation farmer, height 5'5" tall, age 20 years, CAPR (Roman Catholic), red hair, eyebrows and beard, very light skinned, handsome face, well proportioned. He fills the position in this presidio of Santa Fe on 2 December 1759 in place of Manuel Tenorio. He was read the penalties called for in the ordinance…having been advised that this is the explanation (justification) and no excuse whatsoever will be accepted from him; signed. Those being witnesses were the Sergeants Antonio Guerrero and Corporal, Juan Luis de Herrera.  Pablo Sandoval (rubric)

Juan Bauptista de Anza (rubric)

Margin: He was promoted to corporal on 22 April 1777 and to Sergeant on 20 January 1779.  Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 15 March 1789.  He died of natural causes in May 1795.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Reel 21, Frame 762. – DAR SAR
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