Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Soldier, Domingo Sanchez ~ Will 1825

Know ye all who shall see this, my testament, that I, Domingo Sanches, a Cavalry soldier of this company in this city of Santa Fe, find myself sick in bed and execute this in the following way.

I declare as my property a gun of my endowment; a cartridge belt with fifteen cartridges; a saddle and equipment; one change of white underwear; a military coat; trousers; a horse; and zarape.

I declare owing don Juan Pino two pesos and I order them paid.

I declare owning Jose Manuel Garcia a resident of El Vado, three pesos in reales, I order them paid.

I declare owing don Jose Francisco Baca 12 reales, I order them paid.

I declare owning don Atanacio Bolivar 12 reales, I order them paid.

I declare the soldier, Rafael Carbajal owes me 11 reales, and I order them collected.

Jose Antonio Mares owes me one peso, I order it collected.

I declare to have in the management of the government whatever is there; I do not know how much.

After the payment of my debts, the remaining, I leave to my mother that she may enjoy it, I declare not to have any other heir.

I appoint as my administrators, first my brother-in-law Antonio Rael and second my brother, Antonio Maria, to whom I request and charge to comply and execute this my will.

Signed in Santa Fe on the 15th of December 1825.

Francisco Garcia, rubric
Wit/ Jose de Larrañaga, rubric and Eugenio Lobato, rubric

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1246, Reel 6, Frames 852-853.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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