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Soldier, Domingo Saens ~ Will 1827

Know ye all that this testament will see that I, Domingo Saens a Cavalry Officer of this company, in this city of Santa Fe, find myself sick in bed and make the following will.

I declare that I have been married to Agsutina Martin for the period of 19 years and we had seven children, four who died.  The three living are Juan Bautista, Jose Rafael and Jose Santos. The dead are Jose Maria, Maria de la Cruz, Domingo and Maria del Rosario, whom I attest are my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare as my property a gun; a cartridge belt with its case; an equipped saddle; also a knapsack; a saddle blanket; arquebus; bridle; spurs; one sarape; three changes of clothing; two military coats; one pair of trousers; two white handkerchiefs; a hat and a rope.
I declare that I have a portion of lands from the river to the hills bounded on the east by land of Andres Saens and on the west by land of Martin Torres.

I declare that I have a horse with the brand of my company and in the habilitacion, that which will be found as belonging to me at the liquidation of accounts.

I declare that I owe don Vicente Baca 12 pesos and don Manuel Gallegos six pesos, I order them paid.

I declare that I owe to him of my rank, Jose Salaices, one fanega of wheat, I order it paid.

I declare that I owe Barela, the tailor and Jose Maria Paiz one peso each, I order them paid.

I declare that the soldier, Ramon Ortiz owes me four varas of linen, I order them collected.

I declare that Francisco Sambrano owes me nine pesos and I order them collected.

I declare that I owe Corporal Rafael Tapia and don Jose Narbona, six reales to the first and two reales to the second.

I declare that the soldier, Miguel Romero owes me two pesos and Jose Bustamante, Rafael Carvajal and Lorenso Tafoya six reales each, for freight on a mule which I took to Chihuahua.

It is my will that after the payment of my debts, from the remainder I order a novena of Masses to be offered and the rest apportioned to my wife and the other half to my children, dividing it in equal parts, that they may enjoy it with God’s blessing and my own.

I appoint as my administrators first the Sergeant of my company, Jose Salaices and second Corporal Rafael Tapia, whom I request and charge to comply with and execute this my last will.

Signed and executed in this city of Santa Fe on the 4th of January 1827.

Signed Francisco Garcia, rubric
Wit/ Donaciano Vigil, rubric and Jose Ortega, rubric

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1247, Reel 6, Frames 854-857.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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