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Soldier, Matias Sena ~ Will 1826

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1202, Reel 6, Frames 645-647
©Patricia Sanchez Rau

Public Survey Office
Date:  March 10, 1826

Will of Matias Sena, First Lieutenant of the Company of Santa Fe

In the name of Almighty God Amen. Know all persons who shall hear and understand this, my will, which I have made, being in the full exercise of my intellectual faculties, I Matias Sena, First Lieutenant, a retired soldier, of the National Company of Santa Fe.

First, I commend my soul to God who made it from nothing and redeemed it with the precious blood of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Item:  I declare that I am married in my first marriage to Maria Feliciana Gallego, by which said marriage we had and procreated the children mentioned here, Maria Guadalupe, Maria del Carmen and Franco Antonio.

Item:  I declare that I am debtor to the following persons, residents of this villa:  To Señor Ramon Ortiz six pesos in cash; to Señor Gaspar Ortiz, two pesos; to don Jose Franco Baca, 5 pesos; to Vicente Baca two pesos; to Juan Alari, two reales; to Gaspar Brito, two pesos; and to my sister Lus seven loads of wood.  I order that all this be paid from the balance which may result from my respective accounts or from anything else which may be recognized as being mine.

Item:  I declare that the residents of the jurisdiction of El Bado owe me:  Miguel Brito, three pesos, six reales; Antonio Jose Rael of this villa, one peso; Jose Salas, one ewe; a native of the Pueblo of Nambe named Severino, one iron stake.  I order that the same be collected.

Item: I declare that for the repose of my soul, there shall be said two Masses to the great power of God.

Item:  I declare that I leave to the forced bequests (almas forzosas) two reales each.

Item:  I declare that I have a house which consists of two rooms, adjoining the house is a parcel of land which is bounded by the land belonging to the deceased Domingo Ortiz, which is bounded by the river and the arroyo.

Item:  I declare that I sold to my sister, Maria Luisa, thirty three varas of land in the lands of my father.

Item:  I declare as my property:  one hoe; two new hats; one knife; one razor; one man’s shawl made of coarse cloth; one pair of straps, the bales of my hay rack and the fence.

Item:  I declare that I bequeath the right to the balances which remain in my respective accounts to my wife, my daughters and my son, whom I recognize as my only legitimate heirs, who with the benediction of God and my own, I desire shall enjoy it, as it is my free and spontaneous will.

Item:  I declare as my executors:  first my brother-in-law, Jose Gonzales and second my brother, Jose Antonio Sena, to execute my testamentary memorandum which I have made in order that they may execute and comply with all their duties, and to which end I allow them the legal year or more time if it is necessary.

Item:  I declare that I revoke and annul all testaments which I may have made, as this, which I have just finished is the one I desire to be in force and that it be recognized as such by any tribunal.  For its greater validity and that it may so appear, I name as witnesses who may be able to affirm it, the soldiers of my own company, Juan Venavides and Antonio Venavides, which testament was made by the distinguished Corporal, don Jose Tapia, by order of the Colonel of the Territory, don Antonio Narbona.

That it may have more power, I signed it on this date, with two Assisting witnesses:
Santa Fe, March 10, 1826

First witness:  Juan Benabides (Rubric)
Second witness:  Antonio Benabides (Rubric)
In witness thereof:  Jose Tapia (Rubric)

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1202, Reel 6, Frames 645-647
©Patricia Sanchez Rau

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