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Soldier, Anselmo Gallegos ~ Will 1804


Frame 709 –left margin  Number 1243 – then 819
In the name of Almighty God, Amen.  Know all men that this letter is my last testament that I Anselmo Gayego am in my sound mind and judgment, write this will understanding and voluntarily do declare that I am a Christian and that I believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit but only one true God, and I believe in the rest that is taught by the Holy Mother Church, Catholic and Roman Apostolic, under which faith I live and believe in Blessed Mary ever Virgin, and mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, but remaining ever a virgin.  In this manner I make this last testament in the following form and manner.

Firstly, I send my body to the earth from which it was formed and my soul I commend to God, Our Father, in which I believe that Jesus Our Lord, redeemed with his precious blood and so that God, Our Father will be served to take my body, that it be buried (Frame 710) in the Chapel at La Castrense, and if it is possible to have a Mass with the body present.

Item:  I order the mandas forzosas (mandatory offerings) at two pesos each and for the Saints in Jerusalem 4 pesos of the day.
Item:  I declare first of all that I owe to Manuela Segura 24 pesos of the land or merchandise.
Item:  I declare that I owe Pedro Gonzales two varas of wide sheeting (mantas).
Item:  I declare that I owe Rita Silva one sheep.
Item:  I owe Bernardo de Molina one peso in reales.
Item:  I declare that I owe Mergildo Martin an ordinary bit (freno).
Item:  I declare that I owe Manuela Bayejos a vara and a half of fabric.
Item:  I declare that I owe Javiel Hortis, two pesos and 4 reales of the land.
Item:  I declare that Cristobal el apacito owes me, a large earthen jug and 13 costales of corn and a large urn of syrup.
Item:  I declare that Carlos from Agua Fria owes me 13 costales of corn and nine pesos in syrup.
Frame 711
Item:  I declare that Andres Sandoval, the soldier owes me a two to three year old bull.
Item:  I declare that Manuel Sanchez, the soldier owes me a two-three year old bull.
Item:  I declare don Manl  Miera owes me a cow who just had a calf.
Item:  I declare that Maria Antonia Montoya owes me a bull of two to three years old.
Item:  I declare that Juan Pedro, el parraleño, owes me a mare, that he should repay me with a new one.
Item:  I declare that Jose Antto Romero owes me 12 pesos of the land.
Item:  I declare that Jose Jaramio owes me 13 pesos of the land.
Item: I declare that Cristobal Gayego owes me 10 pesos of the land.
Item:  I declare that Luys de Maria Barbero, a black horse I sold him, which came from a campaign.
Item:  I declare that Reyes Begil, the soldier owes me a ram.
Item:  I declare that Jose Antto Urioste owes me a ram.
Item:  I declare that Jose Antto Gayego, owes me a pound of chocolate, two reales worth of piloncillo (sugar); two reales of soap, and six reales of cigarettes (sigaros).
Item:  I declare that Phe Sandoval owes me a ram.
Item:  I also declare that Jose Crispin owes me two pairs of loom frames.
Item: I declare as part of my goods 300 breeding cows.  Also I declare having seven horses and a male mule.
Frame 712
Item:  I declare that I own a riding saddle, all my arms, a musket, pistol, sword, lance, cartridge clip, leather jacket and braided cape, pants, waistcoat, two coats, an embroidered jacket with breno and a burro.

And to complete and pay this last will, I name as my executors, my wife Maria de la Cruz Silba and second executor should be my brother Juan Gayego and for my heirs from this said wife and for my children until they reach their majority, I name and ask the Señor Alferes Salvador  Rivera that he puts his seal and authority of this Judicial Office who states that he knows the author whose is present and is in his whole and entire wisdom, and so say this in the Villa of Santa Fe on the 23 day of the month of April in this year of 1804 and the witnesses, before me, Alferes Rivera, the writer signed this The Cabo Romero arranged.  Antonio Jose Ramirez (rubric), Antonio Jose Ramirez (rubric) and Joaquin Tenorio.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Twitchell 889, Reel 11, Frames 709-712.  ©Patricia Sanchez Rau

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