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Antonio Pacheco ~ Will 1735

I, Antonio Pacheco, a resident of this villa of Santa Fe, being sick in bed and ill, make my final testament. 

I declare that I was married to Phelipa Ramirez, my lawful wife, for the period of seventeen years.  During our married life we had and reared six children, whom I declare as my legitimate heirs and are:  Juan Rafael, Quiteria de la Cruz, Maria Francisca, Bicenta Antonia, Juan Antonio, and another Maria Francisca.

I declare that I have as property one house which consists of six rooms with a blacksmith shop.  The said blacksmith shop contains one anvil, hammer, pincers, file, bellows and a sledge-hammer.

I declare that I have some land which I bought from Antonio Bernal, another tract of land which I bought from Isabel Lucero “La Linares,” another tract of land which I bought from Maria Telles Jiron, “la Sapata.”

Two she burros.

I declare that I am indebted to don Pedro Alsuina, a merchant of Chiguagua for ten pesos.

To don Joseph Riano, for one horse.
I declare that I am indebted to my compadre, Juan Rodrigues, for two horses and twelve pesos.
I declare that the above is my only indebtedness and that no one owes me anything.

I declare that the administrators of my property shall be my dear wife, Phelipa Ramires and order that my wife inherit half of my property, and the other half be divided among my children; first deducting there from, before asking repartition of property, two tracts of land, one being a house lot with a small garden tract, which is to be given to my brother, Nicolas Ramires; and the other being a small tract of land, which I leave to my brother Lorenzo Ramirez.  The foregoing is my will of which my wife is aware and she as the administratrix is to designate the boundaries.

All the foregoing too place before me, Antonio Uribarri, alcalde mayor and Captain of War of this villa.  The said Antonio Pacheco did not sign, because he did not know how to write.  To which I certify.

Antonio de Uribarri, rubric; wit/ Juan Rodrigues, rubric; Juan Manuel Chirinos, rubric.

*He was buried June 16, 1734 in Santa Fe. The document is not dated.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1222, Reel 6, Frames 745-747
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