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Manuela Rael de Aguilar ~ Will 1758

I, Manuela Rael de Aguilar, resident of the jurisdiction of Isleta, married to don Baltasar Baca, being on my death bed and in sound mind and in order to die with a clear conscience and for the salvation of my soul, my husband being present, I asked permission to make my last will and testament in order to dispose of the property he had given me…

I commend my soul to God and my body to the soil of which it was created and my body to be buried in the church of San Agustin in the Pueblo of Isleta in the most humble spot and to be shrouded with the habit of our patron Saint Frances, I order that my burial and funeral be made by my husband don Balthasar, he may choose.

I declare that I was married according the writ of our Holy Mother, the Catholic Church, with Baltasar Baca and have lived together for 22 years and we have raised six children, three female and three male who are:  Joseph Francisco, Laureno and Miguel Hemernegildo, Maria Isabel, Juana Apolonia and Juana Rita, whom I declare as my legitimate heirs.

I declare that and appoint don Baltasar Baca as the executor of my last will and the second place my father.

I leave 6 pesos as forcible bequests.
Four masses to be said for the repose of my soul; I leave the choice to my husband.
I leave half the house and half the land where we reside.
I declare I have 500 head of sheep.
I declare that I leave 40 head of horses large and small.
I leave two underskirts.
I leave a pair of chintz underwear.
I leave two embroidered veils.
One scarlet cloth skirt and one of serge.
Two good chemises.
One pair of pearl earrings, one necklace and one coral bracelet.
Two reliquaries.
One pair of embroidered stockings.
One cloak and one skirt.
One cloth towel.
I declare that the clothing be divided amongst my three daughters and the equivalent be pro-rated amongst my male heirs.
One Michoacán box.
One brass mortar.
One copper kettle.

I declare that this is my last wish and that all the property that I leave to my children and heirs, be delivered to my husband and executor don Baltasar Baca so that he can take care of the same until the time the children are able to dispose or sell them, signed here at San Antonio…Before me, Benito Baca, Alcalde Mayor and Captain of War of this said settlement, on the 27th April 1758, don Joseph Chavez, don Juan Ortiz, Antonio Montoya.

*She died May 7, 1760 at Ysleta, NM.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 774, Reel 4, Frames 1122-1140.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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