Monday, May 12, 2014

Jose Reano sells land to his mother, Maria de Roibal ~ 1753

April 16, 1753 at this villa of Santa Fe, before me, Nicolas Ortiz, Alcalde Mayor of Santa Fe, appeared don Jph de Reano, resident of said villa, that the was giving and did give in royal sale to doña Maria de Roibal, his mother, all the agricultural lands for planting wheat and also a dwelling house with all the improvements built therein by the said don Jph de Reano, which said house and lands are in the locality of El Alamo, four leagues distant from this villa – for the price and consideration of 800 pesos in silver.

Signed Jph Reano, rubric; Nicolas de Ortis, rubric; witnesses:  Jph de Bustamante Tagle, rubric and Francisco Guerrero, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 770, Reel 4, Frames 1075-1078.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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