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Nicolas Ortiz ~ Will 1749

I, Captain Nicolas Ortiz Nino Ladron de Guebara, legitimate son of Nicolas Ortiz Nino Ladron de Guebara and doña Maria Ana de Bargas Coronado, native of the City of Mexico, resident of the villa of Santa Fe kingdom of New Mexico find myself sick in bed and hereby make this final testament in the following manner.

I declare I was married to doña Juana Baca, and from this marriage we had and raised three children who are Francisco, Nicolas and Thoribio, whom I declare as my legitimate heirs.

I declare as my property at the present time, 130 head of cattle, small and large and branded and I include six yoke of oxen.

I declare having one gentle horse.  I have twelve mares with colts and one small she mule.  I have one saddle with wooden stirrups.  I have one rapier; one rife and an old case; one pair of spurs and bridle; two carts, one of them complete. 

I declare one axe, two pick-axes, two hoes, one adze, one dagger, one chisel; one panel saw, eight sickles and one auger.

I have one ranch situated in the hills of this villa, called San Francisco Javier, which is where we reside, with cultivated lands and this ranch I declare to leave for my wife, having my mother given it to her as a dowry.

I declare as property of my wife, four rooms that I had at the time of our wedding.

I declare one hall with two rooms that was built by me.  I declare twelve pictures, containing twelve Apostles.  I declare, all of the house furnishings, pictures, frames and images. 

I declare as my property a ranch in the Caja del Rio which I have acquired as a grant (merced), as it is evidenced by the deeds.

I declare one jacket, two pair of pants of Castilian cloth and also Queretaro cloth for a pair of trousers.

It is my will that half of my chattels mentioned are for my wife and the other half pertaining to me for burial and funeral.

It is my will that 100 low masses be said for the repose of my soul and the soul of my parents.

I declare that I do not owe anyone anything.

It is my will that the rapier be given to my son Francisco.

It is my will to give my grandson, Juanito, my rifle and case.

I bequeath to the said grandson, one piece of Queretaro cloth.

I bequeath to my granddaughter, Teodorita, a crucifix with four pictures on the side.

I appoint as my executors, my wife first and that my children Francisco, Nicolas and Thoribio accompany her.

Written in common paper, on this 17th of September 1749 at Santa Fe.  Nicolas Ortiz Ladron de Guebara, rubric.

Witness:  Gregorio Garduño, Antonio de Ulivarri, Francisco Guerrero, rubrics.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 647, Reel 4, Frames 250-253.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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