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Francisco Trebol Navarro ~ Will 1785

Know ye all that this letter, as I, don Francisco Tebol Navarro, the first Lt. of this Royal Presidio of Santa Fe, am sick, but of sound mind and make my testament in the following manner.

I declare that I have been married to doña Maria de la Luz Baca for the period of twenty years and during this marriage we had the following five children:  Jose, Manuela, Maria Luisa, Maria Francisca, deceased and Maria Ysabel, deceased.

I declare that my wife brought to my possession as dower five hundred ewes, six bucks, twenty mares, one stud horse, also the appurtenances which she inherited at the ranch of Pajarito and Las Lagunitas.

I declare as my property, one dozen second hand shirts, eight pairs of white drawers, I mean six pairs, including the number of shirts eight of them garnished, six cravats, two pairs of white Bramante bed sheets second hand, two linen handkerchiefs for the chin, one white handkerchief for the neck, one pair of Germanic table cloths, and one napkin, six pillow covers, one white handkerchief, three pairs of fine silk stockings second hand, one pair of thread stockings, three pairs of under-stockings and three pairs more of thread stockings, two large uniforms complete, and one small one, three vests first class cloth as all of the above.  Four pairs of pants of the same cloth, one pair of pants of woolen cloth, one cloak of whitish color, first class cloth, second hand, one beaver black hat, and eight inferiors.  Three silk handkerchiefs – two white and one black.  Eight pairs of shoes made in Mexico, one set of silver buckles and rings, one small sword of silver filigree with steel hook.  One large sword to use on horseback, a small gun garnished with metal, one good gun from the armament, and one pair of pistols, one cattle saddle with cushions and embroidered cover, one bridle from Guamalteca with garnished headstall, leggings and leather jacket.  Three leather pack saddles complete and saddle bag, one pair of small leather trunks and one big one.

Also fourteen good horses, one horse mule and one bay mare mule which belongs to the Ensign Alberto Mainez.

Also 120 wethers, most of them 3-4 years old in the possession of Pedro Pino and six castrated he goats, from which will be deducted the receipts which he has.

Also one ream of fine letter paper, one half ream of smaller paper, three volumes of ordinances, one volume of the History of Gibraltar, one volume complete, Concourse of all the Sciences.  First Volume Historic Abridgment of Religion, there must be two volumes, but I do not remember to whom I lend the second one.  One small book Castilian Orthography another one of the Philosopher Sueco, one guide of Foreigners with the regulations of Garrisons, one Christian Catechism.

Also one leather case with one silver knife fork and spoon, another one of new style with the fifth part taken.

Four table services of white metal, twelve dishes of the same metal, nine new ones and three second hand, eleven dishes of yellow metal, seven new ones and the others second hand.  One small copper kettle, two copper waiters, one earthen jar, one iron spit and spoon.

Also one case with six new razors, oil stone and scissors.  One bundle of Castilian catalogues. Two large and two small planes or brushes.  Two images in yellow satin of Our Lady of Pilar and one set of silvering buttons, one pair of cuff buttons of pinchbeck three varas of black braid for the use of the hair.

Two yard of lace for military ornament, three skeins of gold threads.  One set inkstand, sand box and box for wafers.  Four dozen of pinchbeck buttons.  One pocket inkstand, one pair of scissors for paper, three second hand sword belts, one pair of silk garters, and four dozen of spools of thread.   Four dollars in cash.  One full can of new paint, and one half of paint powder. Five varas of Merino cloth.

Tree, two horn and one ivory combs.  One pair of spectacles with steel rims, and one two blade penknife.  One black hair pocket, one piece of white braid and one black cord.  One toothpick case.  One small bundle with a sealed letter for don Luis Villaba.  Also one new muffler form the Garden, one pair of stockings crimson colour form Geneva, and one pair of men white stockings new.

Sixteen varas and three quarters of blue serge.  Three varas of glazed linen, two pairs of Alcoy cloth, and three and one half of coarse linen wrappers.  Two lamellate embroidered images of Saint Christopher and Saint Anthony.  Also, two plow points and one axe from Viscaya.

Also, I have up to date, from my salary according to the accounts of the paymaster, 252 pesos more or less, and ten pesos on account of my son, with the understanding that has to be charged to my account, the horses and mule which I took from the last supply of Cavalry horses.

I also declare, the balance of my indebtedness, I leave them stated in a memorandum signed with my own hand and with the same date of this Testament, and which I have delivered to don Vicente Troncoso, which is my wish that full faith and credit be given to it as if it was attached to this Testament.  I also declare, to owe to the royal treasury the quantity of 700 pesos that were furnished to me, 300 at Spain and 400 in Mexico.  Don Jose de las Plazas of the Commerce of Spain and resident of Mexico in the house of Dn Gabriel Gutierres de Feran is my security for the last amount.

I declare that I owe to Dn Antonio Jose Ortiz, resident of this town, 360 pesos, on account of which and being his own goods, it is my will that the few new goods contained in this Testament may be returned to him.

I declare that I owe to Dn Jose Duran, resident of this town, 104 pesos more or less.

I declare that I owe to the estate of Dn Clemente Gutierres, 100 wethers, six castrated he goats and 100 pesos in cash.

I Declare that is my last will that form the best of my salary which I have above stated be paid to Dn Jose Ortiz over the said goods  - 100 pesos.

I declare that there be delivered to himself 40 wethers and 8 ½ pesos in silver, due me by Lorenso Gutierres resident of Pajarito.

I declare for my property, one half of the ranch called San Clemente, situated in the margin of the Rio del Norte, bounded on the north with the Indian Pueblo of Ysleta, on the south with los Lentes, the amount of which 225 pesos it is my will to be paid to Dn Francisco Lozado, the amount contained in the note mentioned of my indebtedness, because he is legally creditor to the said amount, the same being the remained of the amount due from the said ranch.  I declare that Dn Juan Domingo Baca owes me 50 wethers of all ages, on account of a sentence given by his Excellency the present Governor for damages in a field.

I appoint first as my executors, Dn Vicente Troncoso and Dn Miguel Olona as the second.

Signed and granted before me the 2nd Lt. of the cavalry of the presidio, by the power granted by his Excellency the Governor Dn Juan Bautista de Anza, on July 21, 1785. The witnesses were the 1st Ensign, Salvador Rivera, the distinguished Sergeant, Cleto Miera, Dn Diego Antonio Baca, Dn Antonio Baca and Francisco Martinez, all residents of this town. 

Juan Trebol Navarro, rubric

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 646, Reel 4, Frames 234-249.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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