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Feliciana Ortiz y Bustamante ~ Will 1815

I, Doña Feliciana Paula Ortiz y Bustamante, a resident of this villa of Santa Fe, finding myself sick in bed…

I was married and veiled to Don Josef Campo Redondo, from which marriage we had and raised 13 children, in the following order:  Maria Josefa, deceased, who left a lawful heir; Domingo; three baby boys who died but were baptized; Ana Maria; Josef; Francisco; Juan de Jesus; Maria Dolores; Maria de Jesus; and two who were born ill, but who lived long enough to receive the water.

I declare that I received the following items as inheritance from her paternal side:  my dwelling house, which is composed of nine useful rooms, its patio, corral and garden plot; half of the ranch that formerly belonged to Ygnacio Duran as shown by corresponding deed; also another piece of land that I purchased from Pedro Nieto, who has not drawn up the corresponding deed for me.  And I order that his be demanded.

I declare that I own 900 ewes in the possession of Pedro Miguel Gutierres, who has them on shares.

Also the following I declare as my property:  2 kettles, one small and one large; 1 axe, 1 hoe, 1 adze; 1 spit, one griddle; 2 metates; 1 brass mortar; all of the holy pictures and the rest of the household goods – five mattresses, 6 pillows, 2 bed sheets, 4 blankets, 2 bedspreads, 2 Michoacán chests, 2 small trunks, 3 settees, 4 chairs, 1 table.

I declare as my property 2 horses, 1 male mule and 1 burro.  I gave one of the horses to my son Josef.

I declare as my property all of that which I will inherit on the maternal side, on that the Señor Judge may see fit to order that they be equally divided.  I do not know at this date how much it may amount to, and for that reason I do not make a detailed statement of the same, submitting myself to the testament of my deceased mother, and the legal schedule which may be given to me.

I declare as my property what I have received during the life of my deceased mother, first $1500 pesos in cash as shown by receipt.

I declare as my property, 1600 ewes, 1000 are in the possession of Geronimo Chaves, and the other 600 are in the possession of Miguel Baca.

I declare 27 head of cattle.

I declare 3 female burros, which died, and I only mention them in evidence of having received them.

I declare 3 mares, 2 with colts, and 1 without.

I declare that I owe my brothers, Don Antonio and Don Francisco, certain amounts of money which they have furnished me with.  I do not know how much they would amount to, but from this time on I will conform to whatever they may say, which will be just.

I declare that I borrowed from Don Manuel Delgado, 200 pesos in reales, which he loaned me at 6% interest, on which I have not paid the interest for this year.

I declare that I owe Don Juan Pino 10 sheep.

I declare that I owe the confraternity of Our Lady of Light the sum of 100 pesos in silver, which my deceased husband had on interest, and which I continued, which interest at 5% for the year will accrue next July.  I order that both the principal and interest due be paid.

I declare that it is my wish to leave my three daughters, Ana Maria, Maria Dolores, and Maria de Jesus considering they are women and that they have served me and been in my company without causing me any grief, my dwelling house as it is at the present time, with all the household goods and jewelry recognized as mine and which are mentioned in this my testament.

I declare that my sons and grandsons:  Josef Maria, Josef and Francisco be given the land that I have in the half ranch of Ygnacio Duran and the land which I purchased from Pedro Nieto, so that all may be divided equally.

I declare that the Pojoaque ranch be divided by my two sons Domingo and Juan.

All properties which are mine, paternal and maternal inheritance and which is recognized as mine, be divided among all my children, both men and women, equally and honesty and without any dispute or strife, in order that they may have and enjoy it with God’s blessing and mine.

I declare that I leave 60 sheep to pay for masses to be said for the repose of my soul.

I declare that I have not executed any other testament.  I appoint as my executor, my uncle, Don Gaspar Ortiz, as first and second my son Domingo, and my son Josef, third.  I order for my son Josef to sign for me.  Signed by order of my Mother, Jose Campo Redondo on this March 4, 1815. Witnesses:  Miguel Ortiz and Cristobal Larrañaga.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 666, Reel 4, Frames 413-434.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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