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Antonio Ortega ~ Will 1781

Know all who may see this, that I, Antonio Ortega, Corporal of this royal garrison of Santa Fe, retired due to disability, find myself ill and hereby make this final will.

I declare that I was married to Rosa Baca, for 29 years and during this time we had five children who are:  Petra, Juan Domingo, Alexandro, Geronimo deceased and Catharina, also deceased.

I have likewise been married in a second nuptial to Maria Antonia Romero for a period of 12 years and we had one son, Jose Francisco.

I declare as my goods, 52 head of cattle, including small and large, from which I assign to my second wife, ten large cows, without issue and two, two-year old heifers and two bulls.

To my son, Jose Francisco, of my second marriage, it is my will that there be given ten cows without issue and two yoke of oxen, which is the same as I apportioned to the first children, as is evident from an annotation which I have made, although not authorized by a Judge.

I order that the rest of the cattle which remain from the 52 and the 28, shall be distributed among my first children and my wife in equal numbers, deducting that pertaining to the two novenas which I order be said for my soul.

I declare I have a mule and four horses, and from these shall be given one horse to each one of my children and the mule to my wife.

I declare I have 26 goats which are for my wife.

I declare I have a gun, pistols, sword, lance, cartridge box and sheath, a shield, it is my will that all of this be for my son, Jose Francisco, with a length of plush besides and the cloak.

I declare I am leaving a scarf of double cloth, for my son, Juan Dominguez, my son-in-law.

I declare I have another of the same of plush; this is for my son, Alexandro.

I declare five used spades, three lances, four bridles, two saws, two axes, one adze and two chisels.

Of the spades, two are for my wife, one for Alexandro, another for Petra, another for the small son and two bridles to the widow of my son, Juan Domingo.

And of the rest above mentioned, my children and my wife shall distribute them in equal parts.

I declare that I have a lot of lands in La Cienega, which I bought with my money and from my two sons, Juan Domingo and Alexandro, and the part which I bought I gave up and divided in equal parts between both, although the deed is in my name.  I order that the deed be delivered to the said Alexandro in order that it is known it belongs equally to the two brothers throughout all time.

I declare that I have in the villa in the place with they call the Hacienda, another lot of lands, by whose deed may be seen the number of varas, which it is my wish shall be divided between the two sons, Alexandro and Juan Domingo.

I declare another piece of land on the bank of the river of this villa; this is for my two sons, Alexandro and Juan Domingo.

I declare that I have in said villa, a piece of ground with plum trees.  It is my will that this be divided between the three children of my first marriage.

I declare that I have a ranch on the Rio Tesuque.  It is my will to leave wholly to my daughter, Petra for herself and in order that not one of my sons may interfere in it, I leave it separate; it does not enter in the other arts above distributed.

I declare a house and lands in this villa, which is my home and which it is my will shall be for my wife, both the part I purchased and the that which I had by inheritance from her father, including another piece of land and an amount of money in order to buy it.

I declare that I have a little house with a piece of land, as is evident by its deed, which I leave to my son, little Francisco, and said house is in the villa.

I declare that I owe Manuel Urguidi, 44 pesos in silver.  I order that they be paid; the said gentleman is from a store in Chihughua.

I declare that I owe Tomas Fresquis of Chimayo, two cows and calves, I order them be paid.

I owe to the Father, Juan Bermejo, one cow and calf; I order that they be paid.

I declare that Francisco Sandoval, citizen of this villa, owes me one horse, I order that it be collected.

I owe one horse to Phelipe Sandoval, likewise, resident of this villa; I order that it be paid.

I declare as my executors and guardians of my goods, my son, Alexandro and my son Juan Dominguez. The grantor did not sign as he did not know how; I signed it on May 6, 1781 and let it be valid.

Jose Maldonado, rubric; Juan de Abrego, rubric; Pavlo Sandoval, rubric.

[there is a second will dated 1785 and his burial record is dated November 2, 1785]

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 659, Reel 4, Frames 394-397.
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  1. This was my sixth great grandfather. Thank you for publishing this!