Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maria Getrudis Montoya ~ Will 1830

I, Maria Getrudis Montoya, resident of Agua Fria, find myself ill in bed and hereby make this final will.

I declare that I was married to Isidro Dominguez first and second to Paulin Carillo.  In the first marriage of nine years we had four children:  Maria de Los Angeles, Bernabel Antonio, Maria de la Niebes and Jose Maria, of which two died very young and two lived.

In the second nuptials, I was married for 28 years and we had three children who are:  Juan Esteban, Jose Julian and Juan Ignacio. I acknowledge as my legitimate children and heirs; which there are five.

I declare as my house of seven room and seven Castilian varas.

I declare five varas of land adjacent to the house, bound by the south the wagon road; north la Cienega road; west lands of the deceased Jose Domingo Montoya and east the lands of Ignacio Lopez.

I declare a piece of land composed of 20 varas which is in the same place.

I declare, one chest, three large earthen jars, three large earthen bows, three mattresses, two blankets, eight pictures, one wood, one home spun card, one well outfitted lathe, four chickens, one black sifter and three metates.

I owe father, St. Francis for the journal, I order it paid.

I declare that Juana Maria Montolla owes me a pair of thin stockings, I order them collected.

I wish to leave for my children, Jose Julian and Juan Ignacio, one mattress and one blanket to each one, four picture frames, and two earthen bowls for their benefit.

Declare that after my funeral expenses are paid, it is my wish that the rest of my estate be divided equally between my heirs.

I name as the executors and guardians of my will, my compadre, Ignacio Montolla and second, Ignacio Lopez, to whom I commend and execute this last will.  Dated at Santa Fe, February 8, 1830. 

Signed by Jose Ignacio Ortiz, rubric; witnesses:  Jose Ortiz and Juan Manuel Alarid.

©Henrietta M. Christmas

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