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Juan Jose Moreno ~ 1746 con't

Continued from December 13, 2013 post.

Also declare for my property 75 pesos in cash, 30 buckskins at 75 centavos each and 5 ½ pesos, due me by Juan de Gabaldon, as appears by a memorandum amongst my papers and I order to collect them as I paid the full amount.

Also declare to have trusted Manuel Olguin a resident of Santa Barbara, in the Town of San Felipe of the Real de Chihuahua, at the house of don Francisco Gomez, 10 pesos in cash; he paid me five and I order to collect the other five as I paid the full amount.

Also declare Juan Luis de Tafoya, a resident of El Paso, since the year that he went from El Paso with me to the old country, owes me 16 horses which had run away from me, as he gathered and sold them where he found them, as I am informed by letters received from the individuals of the places where they went; and also appear in a memorandum.  I order my executors to collect.

Also declare that Juan Jose de Rojas, resident of El Paso, owes me a barrel of wine for an embellishment of a room and a door curtain; if he should not send it now, I order my executors to collect it.

Also declare, that Jose Manuel del Castillo, alias the tailor, owes me five flasks of wine from the garden which he attends at Senecu, I order to collect them.

Also declare that don Bernardo Gonzales de Castro, resident of El Paso, owes me two leather jackets with their fixtures, I order to collect them.

Also declare that don Carlos Mirabal owes me 60 ewes and one horse, for which he remained indebted when we adjusted his account four years ago, I order to be collected.

I also declare, that the widow of Villalpando who resides at Embudo, owes me the balance due to me by her husband; the amount of 40 pesos, after deducting what he had paid; also two crowbars and a pickaxe which she has in her possession, I order to collect the balance due and also to claim the bars and picks.

Also declare, that Miguel el Chago, resident of Taos, owes me tan hides at two pesos each, balance do for a female Indian, also some odd dollars for some knives which I left in his possession, which he may state in his conscience how many they were, I order to collect them together with the hides.

Cristobal Tafoya, from Jacona, owes me six pesos for three colts which I sold him, I order to collect.

Also declare Juan Garcia de la Mora, to owe me a copper kettle which I sold him for eleven pounds and four ounces at two pesos, and not having agreed on the price, he agreed to return the same at Chihuahua, and I would return him two pounds of powder; I order my executors to collect the balance.

In the same manner, I declare for my property all the individuals which may appear by my books of accounts, and simple memorandum of what I may have given them, and when their accounts may be adjusted I order to collect what may be due me.

Also declare as my property, seven leather jackets with their fixtures.

Also I declare to have raised in my company and that of my wife, Antonia Roybal, my niece, the daughter of don Mateo Roybal, since her childhood and I have had her in my home, and for the love and affection which I have for her, it is my will to leave her he remainder of my property, 60 ewes and all her clothing.  It is also my wish that the ewes be delivered over to her father that he may increase them until the time that she may be married.  In the meanwhile, she will be maintained in the company of my wife in the same manner as we have supported her until the present time and I recommend to her that when she may get married, to marry with her consent and to an honest person of her qualities, which I hope she will execute.

I also bequeath from the remainder of my property to the Most Holy Virgin of Light, 300 pesos at current prices of the land for aid in the building of her chapel in this town.

I declare to have received, at the time when I married doña Juana Roybal, ten breeding cows, one bull and one yoke of oxen.  Said property, I declare belongs to her, for her parents gave it to her and I order my executors to separate the said property from the capital of my estate and deliver it to my wife.

I declare that it is my last will to leave my only and universal heir my said wife, doña Juana Roybal, who helped me to increase it and for the good care which she has taken of me in all my sickness, imploring her pardon in all those things and occasions which may have offended, during the time of our company.

I name as my executors, doña Juana Roybal, first and she will also be the guardian of my property, don Antonio Roybal, second and thirds, Mateo Roybal; fourth will be don Juan Francisco de Arroniz.

I the Governor, Captain General of this province, don Francisco Antonio Marin del Valle, with witnesses, don Vicente Jinso Rony Thobar and don Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco and Felipe Tafoya.   This will made in this villa, on 28th January 1746.  Signed Francisco Antonio Marin del Valle, rubric, Juan Jose Moreno, rubric, Miguel de Alire, rubric, Francisco Javier Fragoso, rubric.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 552, Frames 1042-1056.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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