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Estate of Maria Vega y Coca ~ La Cienega 1751

Dec 24, 1751, Conveyance Manuel Baca (m. Juana Silva), resident of la Canada de Guicu, administering the estate of his mother, Maria Coca (Diego Manuel Baca) in favor of Josefa Montoya, $140.

Manuel Baca, resident of the place they call the Cañada de Guicu, at this villa of Santa Fe, on account of the death of his mother, Maria Coca, and she left the said Manuel Baca, as executor.  That he was giving and did give in royal sale to Gusepa (Josefa) Montoya to wit:  A tract of land which is between the lands of Antonio Baca and Lasaro Garsia, and the boundaries of the said piece of land are:  on the east, the trunk of a large poplar tree which serves as a boundary for Lasaro Garsia; on the west, lands of Antonio Baca, who boundary is a large cottonwood tree with round leaves; with regard to those of the north and south, they are what the grant or royal sale of Sieneguilla states.  He sold the said lands to Jusepa Montoya for $140 pesos.

Signed Manuel Gallegos, rubric
Witnesses:  Pedro Tafoya who signed for Manuel Baca and Lucas Moya

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 539, Reel 3, Frames 986-988.
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