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Andres Montoya ~ Will 1740

I, Andres Montoya state that I am the legitimate son of Captain Antonio Montoya and doña Maria Hurtado, natives of New Mexico; a resident of the locality of  Sieneguilla. 

I was married to Antonia Lucero and they had the following children:  1) Josepha, married to Joseph de Santiestevan; 2) Manuela (deceased), married  to Joachin Sanchez;  3)  Andres, married  to Ana Baca;  4)  Ysidro, married  to Manuela Silva;  6)  Joseph, married to Juana Quintana;  7)  Christoval (who died just prior to his proposed marriage);  8)  Nicolas, bachelor;  9) Diego,  bachelor.

I married a second time to Maria Sisneros and we had no children, thus making the children from my first marriage my legitimate heirs.

I declare that in the Province of Sonora, I owe Thomas de Albiso, resident of Secori, 60 pelts of buffalo hides, thick elk skins and light and medium buckskin.

I declare that I owe to Ygnacio Gonzales, resident of San Buenaventura:  a little Indian boy, 7 years old, cloth wainscoting and two painted elk skins.

I declare that I owe a son of Thomas Madrid, resident of San Buenaventura a little Indian girl, 6 years old.

"If my said estate is not sufficient to pay the debts which I have declared, and if, through forgetfulness, one should appear that it may be proved that I owe, and my goods fall short of paying it, I ask my Creditors, for love of God, to forgive me."

I declare as my good:  two tracts of land:  One agricultural land at La Sieneguilla, four leagues from Santa Fe which hold a planting of approximately 20 fanegas of seed;  the other land on the other side of the Rio del Norte between the Pueblos of San Yldefonso and Cochiti and have not started to cultivate due to my illness.

Five oxen tamed to "whoa and stop."  Two cows  one with and one without a calf.  Row cart equipped with yokes, whips and straps.  Six horses and one mule – broken.  Thirty head of sheep, goats and ewes, some with lambs of this season.

A leather riding saddle of the country; standard gun, sword, bridle, spurs, shield, saddle pads, powder bags, boots and a gun case.

An adobe house at La Sieneguilla with four rooms and a portal.

Two large copper kettles, one iron griddle and spit; copper pitcher in which to beat chocolate and another for drinking water; an iron hoe, five new wooden plow points, an old spade, a carpenter's axe, a chisel.
Old chest for chocolate with its key.

As the clothes I use,  an old cloak of dieziochono cloth (a cloth having 1800 threads in the warp), a new great coat of said cloth lined with blue flannel of this county; the goods for some trousers of said cloth without trimming, a new black hat with a black band.

A wool mattress with unbleached muslin and a sheet of the same, I leave to my son Nicolas.

A horse for trading purposes which Captain Miguel de Coca has, to be collected.

The farm lands at La Sieneguilla to sons and sons-in-law some piece of land - to those who have not yet married executors are to assign them land "of equal quality and excellence, under irrigation and if they should not be of equal excellence, they will get more land than the rest in order that they shall remain equal.

I declare that to my son, Francisco, because he has sold a piece of land which I assigned him at the time of his marriage, for which they gave him 100 pesos, and because he has no land in which to plant, I again gave him another piece of land, which it is my will shall be given to him because it comes within the fifth part of my estate.

I declare that I bequeath one peso each to the mandatory legacies. 

I name as my executors, Ysidro Montoia, Andres Montoia and Joseph de Santiestevan, my sons and I leave as guardians and curators of my two minor sons, Diego and Nicolas, Jose de Santiestevan for Diego and Ysidro for Nicolas until they are both married.

On this June 17 1740, before me, Juan Paez Hurtado, rubric, Receiving Judge at the request of Andres Montoya signed Joseph Miguel de la Peña, rubric

Witnesses:  Gregorio Garduño, rubric and Francisco Orttiz, rubric

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Twitchell #526, Series I, Reel 3, Frames 841-844 
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  1. Do you know where this will was written or where Andres was interviewed for this testament?

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