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Salvador Montoya ~ 1727 Will

Salvador Montoia, resident of this villa of Santa Fe, legitimate son of Diego Montoia (deceased) and Josepha de Ynojos, Spaniards, natives of this kingdom of New Mexico, being ill in bed of an illness…

I declare that I was married according to the rites of Our Holy Mother, the Catholic Church to doña Manuela Garcia de la Rivas, during our marriage we have had and procreated three male children and two daughters; who are:  Joseph Francisco, Miguel Joseph, Manuel Antonio, Francisca and Josepha Montoia.

I declared that when I married her parents gave my wife as a dower, one tract of land called El Torreon, which is situated at the Rio del Norte below Bernalillo.  They also gave me 100 breeding ewes and some things belonging to the household furniture.

I declare that some parcels of land situated in this villa on the other side of the river were granted and donated by doña Micaela de Belasco, the mother of my wife, to Juan Garcia de la Rivas, her legitimate son, to General Juan Paez Hurtado and to me, said grantor, because we were married to daughters of said Micaela de Belasques.

I declare that I have a share in the said tract of Santiago, by inheritance from my deceased father, which will be divided among the 8 brothers which we were.

It is my will that if God should be pleased to take me from this life, my body be shrouded with the habit of my father, St. Francis and be buried in the church of this villa of Santa Fe.

I declare as my said estate one house which is situated on the royal street of San Francisco in front of one built by general don Feliz Martinez and one parcel of land which is situated on the other side of the river.  Bounded by various mentions, one was sold to me by my cousin, Andres Montoia.

I declare that I have a ranch of land at El Rio de Tesuque which I brought from Pedro Montes Vigil, a resident of La Cañada.

I have 12 mules, 11 broken to rein, and the big one not broken to the rein; with eight pack saddles, six new and two old, with harnesses.

I declare that I have 9 horses, 7 broken to the reins and two unbroken.

I declare that I have 55 tanned buckskins, four white buffalo skins and three thick buffalo skins.

I declare that I have three oxen and one iron plowshare in the possession of Juan Garcia de Noriega, the cripple, a resident of this villa.

I declare that various residents of his kingdom owe me as is on record in two memorandum books where their names are set down and they are in possession of my wife.

I declare that Pedro de Chavez, my brother-in-law owes me 36 pesos of silver which he still owed me on account of the tract of Pajarito which I sold to him.

I owe Baltasar Romero, my compadre and brother-in-law one cow with calf, one heifer of this year, one bull and one coat of fine cloth already used.

Notes his brother Antonio, his sister Ysabel.  His executors are his brother Antonio and Francisco Guerrero his compadre.   Signed Salvador Montoia (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #512, Reel 3, Frames 733-741
©Henrietta M. Christmas 

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