Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maria Francisca Lobato ~ Will 1830 Santa Fe

Be it known that I,Maria Francisco Lobato, resident of the city of Santa Fe, and seriously ill of an accident, I order this my testament in the following form.

I declare that I was married according to our church to José Duran, deceased for 30 years, from which marriage we had and procreated four children: Vicente, Juana Maria, Maria Ygnacia and Francisco Eulogio, the last of whom died childless. I acknowledge the three aforementioned as my legitimate children.

I declare that when I married my said husband, he did not bring anything to the marriage.

I declare as my property the house where I live which consists of three rooms in good condition in which is on agricultural land that lies in front of my house, verified by documents in my possession.

I declare as my property one burro, 1 ½ yoke of oxen, one ax, one adze, one loom without comb and heddle, one lathe with full equipment and one chisel.

I declare as my property one fire lock gun with this corresponding elk skin case and one box with iron locks.

I declare that the land that I have mentioned is formed on shares by José Francisco Griego and he will have to give me one half of the wheat and corn and straw and cornstalks, according to custom.

I declare that Juan José Lujan owes me one peso in cash, two bundles of tobacco, and one case of two razors.

I declare that Francisco Chavez owes me one fat ewe; I order that the aforementioned be collected from the true debtors.

I declare that I owe Mariana Chavez 12 reales; I order that the same be paid.

I declare that I owe Nicolas Paez, three reales for soap; I order that the same be paid.

I declare that I owe to Pablo Nieto ten reales; I order that the same be paid.

I declare that I do not know anything to any other person and no one owes me.

I declare that after paying for my funeral, mandates and debts from everything contained as I have stated, if anything is left it shall be divided among my three children, so they may enjoy the same.

It is my will that as executors of this my last will I appoint as my executors interest, first, my son Vicente Duran, and second my daughter, Juana Duran, to dispose of my property if I have ordered.

She did not sign because she did not know how, I signed it with the assisting witnesses with whom I acted for lack of a notary, and there being none according to law, to which I certify.

Jose Ygnacio Ortiz, (rubric), Vitorino Padilla (rubric) and Bentura Montoya (rubric).

Court fees, three pesos.

Testament made in the home of Francisca Lobato, on October 8, 1830.

Ortiz (rubric)

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