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Ysabel Lujan ~ Will 1771

Know all who see this my last will and testament that I, Isabel Lujan, legitimate daughter of Pedro Lujan and Francisca Martin, now deceased; am sick in bed and order this last will in the following manner.

I declare that I have been married for twenty-seven years to Juan Lucero de Godoy and in said marriage we had and reared five children:  Maria Antonia, Francisca Alfonsa, Pedro and Maria Ignacia and Juan, now deceased.

I declare as my goods, the clothes which I wear, a chest and a griddle.

I declare a house in said villa with four rooms.

I declare the half of the lands and half of the trees, which belong to me, for the other half of the ground, belonging to my husband are divided between my two daughters – Maria Antonia and Maria Ignacia, and the half of the trees, belonging to my said husband belongs to my daughter Maria Ignacia.

I declare that I made a gift to my grand-daughter, Juana Gerbacia of a piece of land which I inherited from my father, Pedro Lujan.

I declare that the half of the trees and land together with the house shall be divided as all the rest in equal parts among my four children.

I declare that is my will that the little house of the little ranch, with its lot, shall be given to my servant, Antonio Lujan.

One picture of Our Lady of Sorrows, one vara square, I declare as my goods.

I declare that I neither owe anything to anyone nor does anyone owe me.

I declare I have had the goods of Margarita Lovato, wife of Pedro Lucero, for all of which I paid, for debts which my son, Pedro Lucero, had; as is evidence from receipts authorized in my favor.

I name as my executors, the Vicar, don Santiago Roybal and second, don Diego Antonio Baca; written at the home of doña Maria Ignacia Lucero, on the 26 of July 1771. 

The grantor did not know how to sign, to which I attest, among the writings – five children – valid.

Manuel Garcia Pareja (rubric)

Witnesses:  Antonio de Armenta (rubric)
Jose de Armenta (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #458, Reel #3, Frames 369-372
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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