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Miguel Lucero ~ 1766

Proceedings of the inventory at the death of Miguel Lucero, Albuquerque.

Let it be well-known and evident to all who may see this present public instruments, testament, clauses and last will, the that I, Miguel Lucero, being in bed ill of an illness make my testament in the following manner:

I declare that I am a legitimate son of Capt. Miguel Lucero and Angela Vallejo.  I declare that I have been veiled and married to Rosa Vaca for the period 26 years during which time we had and procreated eight children who are: Josefita Lucero, Miguel, Manuel, Loreta, Lugarda, Graciana, Mariano and Ana Lucero, whom I recognize as my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare that at the time I contracted said marriage, my wife Rosa Vaca, now deceased, brought as a dowry 100 ewes and 10 cows.
I declare that after the death of my mother-in-law in the partition of her estate among her heirs, I was given as inheritance of my said wife another 100 ewes all of ages and a piece of land, which I sold with the consent of my aforesaid wife. It was sold for the price and some of 124 pesos which were added to the whole in the bulk this inheritance.
I declare that from the inheritance of my deceased wife, Rosa Vaca, I have delivered to the four children who are of age their mother’s share of 110 pesos; they are Josefa, Miguel, Manuel and the Lugarda Lucero.
I declare that I have not given Loreta, Graciana, Mariano and Ana Lucero their inheritance.
I demand that my administrator, who is my son Miguel Lucero, delivered to them their mother share whenever they need it.

I declare that I was married in second nuptials to Antonia Chavez, widow of the deceased Baltasar de Beitia, during which time we had and procreated seven children from the legitimate marriage, who are: Maria de la Luz Lucero, Maria Barbara, José Antonio, José, Maria Antonia, Tomas and Maria Gertrudis, whom I recognize as my legitimate children and heirs to my estate, so that after my death they may enjoy it was God’s blessing and mine.

I declare that at the time I contracted said marriage my said wife brought into my possession 50 head of sheep. I order my executor to deliver them to my said wife.

I declare that I also leave my son, Manual, as second executor so that he can help his brother.

I declare the following as my property: first, three parcels of land in this place of Tome – two of which I purchased and one given to me by the King.
I order that of the parcels of land mentioned I leave one for the part I sold at Pajarito and one half of another piece belonging to my deceased wife.

I order that from this parcel and one half of land which remains, the one belongs to me and also to my second wife, which was acquired during our marriage.  I order she be given whatever belongs to her.

I declare that I have and adobe house at this place of Tome, which, during the life of my deceased wife, was composed of four rooms and one long-hall and an inside room and a porch were built during that time of my second wife; I order to give her, her share.

I declare that none of the furniture inside the house shall be taken from my second wife except what I shall declare. Two useless chattels remaining during the time of my deceased wife, one was taken by my son, Miguel to El Paso to be repaired, and after paying the repairs my heirs may divide it amongst themselves. The other one remained useless. I also leave two chests, the one belonging to her they can divide, and the one belonging to me they can divide amongst themselves. There remained also a brass mortar and pestle; I order that it be divided among all of them. There also remained two hoes, one adz and one chisel, one spit and one small griddle which was sold, I order that they be divided among the heirs.

I declare that I bought another tract of land which formally belonged to the deceased Magdalena from a grandchild named Sedillo, during the time of my second marriage. I order to give her half of the tract and to divide the other half among all my heirs.

I declare that I have 90 head of sheep.

I declare that I have eight broken horses and 21 small and large mares, one burro stallion and one more.

I declare that I have nine mules, eight of them gentle, and of them, four are females and the other for our males.

I declare that I own one good shotgun trimmed in silver, one rapier with the ___ and a crooked handle of silver, one leather jacket, one good lance, shield, powder bags, one horn, one good new saddle with good spurs with it silver buckle, and one good bridle.

I declare that I have is my wearing apparel one Castilian cloth coat, another one, used; one pair of plush trousers with galloon and buttonholed in silver; one Cholula cloth cloak lined and somewhat worn; one somewhat use scarlet lapel; one hat and new saddlebags.

I declare that I have three yoke of oxen, three plow points and one good cart.

I declare that I owe 300 pesos in silver at the villa of Chihuahua.

I declare that I owe 400 ewes as the document which I have executed in favor of Francisco Vigil will show. I order and command my executor to pay.

I declare that Manual Gallego owes me, on returning from his trip to Chihuahua, when skirt and one mantle; I declare it is for my wife, and I order it collected. Also, said Manual took one mule and one male mule with saddle and lariat in the agreement we made was that I would pay the expenses to Chihuahua, and from there back here he would pay his own expense.

I declare that Antonio Fajardo owes me 45 pesos for three freights, I order it collected.

I declare that José Salazar owes me 15 pesos which shall be delivered to my wife when the amount collected.

I declare that Salvador Tafoya owes me 50 pesos in silver, I order it collected.

I declare that the Rev. Father Rojo owes me two bulls, I order them collected.

I declare that my brother, Diego Romero, owes me five tame horses, I order them collected.

I declare that Diego Antonia Chavez owes me 300 sheep, and it is evident in the documents he had given me in which is in my possession. I order to collected at the termination of the contract and receiving the sheep, 30 head shall be delivered to each of my stepsons, and the 240 remaining to be delivered to my wife, jointly with the other 50 that I have in my possession with the small herd of cows that my son Miguel recognizes this belonging to him, I order to deliver.

I declare that I owe Lugarda Tafoya a Native common blanket, I order it paid.

I declare that I have a loom complete with two pairs of new wool cards, two spinning wheels complete with comb and equipped for linen and blankets in the same manner. It I declare that it is my last wish to order my son Miguel, as executor and keeper of the property, to reduce the debts in silver made in Chihuahua, and until those death that I owe are paid, I order that the property shall not be partitioned.  I also order my executor that his young brothers, the single one, and my coyote, also when they marry shall be given 15 goats and when this family is congregated, to give them the necessary education.

In testimony whereof, I execute this testament at the place of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, on the 20th day of the month of January in the year 1766. And for its greater validity, I request the Lieut. Alcalde Mayor, don Juan Cristobal Sanchez, to interpose his authority and judicial sanction and I, Juan Cristobal Sanchez, Lieut. Alcalde Mayor, interpose my authority for its greater validity. He signed it with me, the said Lieut. and my assisting witnesses. Signed Juan Cristobal Sanchez (rubric), Miguel Lucero (rubric), witnesses Felipe Silva (rubric), Bartolome Olguin (rubric).

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 454, Reel 3, Frames 327-357
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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