Thursday, September 12, 2013

Geronimo Lopez ~ Will 1769 Santa Fe

Know all who may see this my last will and testament, that I, Geronimo Lopes, resident of this villa of Santa Fe, legitimate son of Pedro Lopes Gallardo and Sebastiana Martin, both deceased; being ill in bed but of sound mind make this my last will and testament.

I declare having been married to Maria Getrudes Montaño for 33 years, they had 12 children, two of which are dead:  Maria de la Lus and Joseph Pablo—the living:  Blas, Maria, Francisca, Juan, Martin, Santiago, Juan Rosalia, Antonio Juan Ygnacio, Ana Maria, Maria Geronima, and Joseph Pablo. 

At the time I married she did not have any property and neither did I, for this reason all the property that we have now has been acquired through our work and diligence.

I declare as my property the house where I live and another newly b8ilt.  Both houses contain seven useful rooms and adjoining my dwelling house I have fruit orchards consisting of fourteen trees.

I declare as my property my farming lands adjoining my house or the boundaries where I refer to the deeds.

I declare that there is included in said farming lands near my house 50 varas of land which I do not own but which belongs to my Juan Martin as he bought them with a horse.  I have not given them away and his brothers have nothing to do with this.

I declare as my property 150 head of sheep, goats and ewes and breeding cows, and three young goats.

I declare as my property three burros.

I declare as my property three bull oxen and one ox.

I declare as my property the household furniture and the outdoor implements containing:  two axes, two hoes, one copper pot, spit, spoon and griddle.  It is my will that this property shall remain for my wife, whom it is my will to appoint in the first place as my executrix and my son, Juan Martin, in the second place and in third place my son, Santiago.

I declare that Corporal Agustin Lobato owes me eight pesos, I ask they be collected.

I declare that Jose Archibeque owes me fifteen pesos, I ask them to be collected.

I declare that I do not owe anyone anything and if by chance it is true, I order that it be paid.

The grantor did not sign because he did not know how and I certify – Phelipe Tafoya, Alcalde Mayor (rubric)

Witnesses:  Jose Armenta (rubric) and Diego Peña, (rubric)

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 457, Reel #3, Frames 364-368
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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